Pipcorn Net Worth 2021

Founded by two sisters, Pipcorn has become an American success story. It is now sold in 100 Whole Foods stores and sold online as well. The company was able to achieve this success by finding heirloom popcorn kernels and making them into a healthy snack. Pipcorn also offers cheese puffs.

Pipcorn began as a kitchen-based business. The founders, Jen and Jeff, were moviegoers who wanted to create a better snack that would be less messy to eat. They were concerned about the crunchy nature of the popcorn they were eating. They decided to use their mother’s old pasta cooker as a means of achieving this. The popcorn was made with unpopped heirloom corn kernels. They then sold it in hand-stamped brown paper bags. The product gained an informal seal of approval from Whole Foods markets.

As their business grew, the founders needed help. They approached Shark Tank, asking for $200,000. They were granted $200,000 in exchange for 10% of their business. This deal was successful and allowed the founders to focus on their internal growth. They also expanded the brand into Whole Foods stores across the country.

In the past year, Piporn has been able to expand its online store. They have also signed a deal with the Chicago Sky women’s basketball team, making them the official popcorn of the team. They also expanded their retail outlets to Canada. They have also partnered with Tobasco to launch Spicy Cheddar Popcorn. This company is still growing and has sold over $400,000 in sales.

The company has also been named one of Oprah’s Favorite Things. They have been on the show four times. They were also chosen by Saveur as one of the best specialty snacks to buy on Amazon’s Prime Day. The company has also been chosen to be sold in stores in the Northeast. The company has been selling its products in more than 10,000 retail stores across the United States.

They have also had the chance to appear on the Discovery Channel’s “Moonshiners” as well. The two sisters were interviewed about their start-up business. They also told the story of how they found the kernels that made up the kernels of their popcorn. The sisters were also interviewed about the health benefits of popcorn. They said that popcorn is an excellent source of antioxidants and fibre, and is a great snack. The product is also low in calories, making it a healthy snack.

Currently, the company is working towards global dominance. They have 40 job openings, and they are also looking for a broader distribution. They are looking to expand into new markets, and they are likely looking for a partner who can help them do this.

Pipsnacks is a gluten-free, natural, non-GMO snack. They sell popcorn, cheese balls, cheese puffs, snack crackers, and other snacks. The company is currently on track to generate $12 million in sales this year. It has a net worth of approximately $1.4 million.