Pimpin Ken Quotes Sayings

pimpin ken quotes sayings

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Pimpin Ken is an American rapper. He’s been featured on Hot 97 in New York and the Wendy Williams Show. His music has been featured on numerous albums and in 15 industry videos with over 10 million views. In addition to being a successful rapper, he’s also a mentor and public speaker.

He began his career on the street and soon became famous as a TV star. The HBO documentary “Pimps Up and Hoes Down” gave him the nickname “Pimpin Ken”. He discovered he had a special talent for the camera and soon began putting himself in the spotlight.

Pimpin Ken was a pioneer of the pimp rap subgenre. He was known for his flamboyant style. He died of an unknown cause, but fans are mourning the loss of an artist who created his own culture. The rap world lost a one-of-a-kind artist.