Pastor Mike Freeman Net Worth

Founded by Pastor Mike Freeman, Spirit of Faith Christian Center focuses on faith, family and fellowship. The center has several locations in Maryland, Virginia and Prince George’s County. Founded as a Bible study for twelve people, the center quickly grew to 350 members. The center includes a family life center, a hair salon, a bookstore, and a church. It also offers premarital counseling. The center requires that each couple undergoes a six-month premarital counseling program.

After he became pastor, Freeman began to accumulate substantial assets. He used funds from the church to purchase multiple luxury vehicles. He also concealed $1.75 million in assets, including a residence in Indian Head, Maryland. He also concealed his involvement with the financial frauds.

In 2005, Freeman filed for bankruptcy. He represented himself as indigent and concealed millions of dollars in debt. He also failed to report income from his ministry. The court disagreed with Freeman’s claims and sentenced him to 27 months in prison. The court discharged hundreds of thousands of dollars in debts. The case was brought to light by President Obama’s Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force. In addition to the court’s findings, Freeman was featured in a video on the Internet in which he stated that he was in control of Jericho City of Praise, a church in the Washington metro area. The video was published on the Internet and went viral.

When he was named pastor, Freeman positioned himself to take control of millions of dollars in assets. He was also able to secure loans for his multiple cars. He lied about his finances to bankruptcy courts and hid church assets. He also arranged to have a church member’s medical directive executed so that he could make decisions for her. He also convinced church members to take out loans for his waterfront home.

Freeman also had a power of attorney for his niece. This was also written the same month that she was placed in a nursing home. In addition, Freeman introduced his niece to lawyers who prepared a will. He also obtained credit for luxury cars in the name of a church member.

Freeman was also appointed to serve as the executor of the estate of Apostle Betty Peebles. Freeman also positioned himself to take control of City of Praise in Landover, Maryland. In addition to being a pastor, Freeman also served as the head of the Save the Seed International Church. He also worked as a consultant for a maintenance company.

Freeman is also the founder of Women Walking in the Word, a network of women committed to the Word of God. The group aims to bring women together to discuss the issues of women. They also encourage women to support their husbands’ dreams. It is also through these entities that Freeman earns a substantial income.

Freeman’s ministry has been aired nationally. He also has a number of broadcasts on local stations. His ministry is based in Prince George’s County and Howard County, Maryland. He has three children.