Parker McCollum Net Worth – How Much is Parker McCollum Worth?

With a net worth of $400000, Parker McCollum is an American country music singer. He has a successful music career in country music and has branched out to other genres. He also has his own music label and has released a number of original albums and EPs. It’s unclear when and if he will marry his girlfriend, Hallie Ray. She has not given any official comments about their future plans to get married.

Despite having a relatively small following, Parker McCollum’s success has allowed him to release three studio albums. His first album, “The Limestone Kid,” peaked at No. 60 on the Billboard 200 and No. 6 on the US Top Country Albums. The album gave birth to two of his most popular singles, “To Be Loved by You” and “Pretty Heart.” His three studio albums have made him a multi-millionaire. The singer’s net worth is largely attributed to his own label, PYM Music, and his contribution to various music projects.

The music of Parker McCollum has been compared to that of Charlie Robison. The Austin Chronicle has given his music a rating of 3.5/5. His latest EP, ‘Probably Wrong,’ came out in July 2017. He has been engaged to Hallie Ray since 2015 and has two brothers. Parker was born in Conroe, Texas and grew up in the same area. His music has received critical acclaim in both the country music scene and the pop culture.

Parker McCollum is married to Hallie Ray Light, a long-time friend and singer. In addition to writing her own music, she also wrote a song for Parker on his 2020 EP, “Hollywood Gold.”

Parker McCollum is an American country singer who owns PYM Music. He rose to prominence in 2017 after releasing a number of EPs that cracked the Billboard chart. He signed to Universal Music Group on 27 June 2019. Parker McCollum was born on June 15, 1992 in Conroe, Texas. He has two older brothers, Tyler and Anderson. He is currently married. McCollum has over 28 million Spotify listeners.

The songwriter was raised in a small town near Houston. His family exposed him to country music as a child, and he began listening to red dirt musicians when he was just thirteen years old. His family and grandfather introduced him to the music of Bob Dylan, Townes Van Zandt, and Steve Earle. His career as a singer started when he was fourteen, and he went on to earn a million dollars in his early twenties.

Parker McCollum’s music has become a staple on Americana radio stations, with songs garnering heavy rotation in various genres. He credits Ryan Bingham, another Americana artist, as a major inspiration. In addition to Charlie Robison and Ryan Adams, McCollum has praised his music and has been compared to these artists. This musician has earned a net worth of $10 million.