Ortho Weed B Gon Reviews

Unlike most weed killers, the Ortho Weed B Gon is a spray that targets and kills weeds at their root. It is available in various sizes and is safe for your lawn. Moreover, it is easy to use, with a water hose and a 3 position switch. The product is effective in eliminating over 200 types of weeds within 30 minutes.

Whether you need to control weeds or kill trees in your garden, Ortho weed B Gon is a good alternative. It is easy to apply and comes in a handy 32-ounce bottle. If you don’t have a lawn, you can use this spray in your vehicle as well.

This product eliminates a large number of weeds without damaging the surrounding grass. The dilution rate varies according to the type of grass in your lawn. For example, Bermudagrass and Bentgrass need two fluid ounces per gallon of water. The weed killer is effective for treating over 20,000 square feet of lawn, which makes it ideal for use in areas without significant vegetation.