Ordinary Adventures and Its Creators Net Worth

Kitra Remick and her boyfriend, Peter Sciretta, are the creators of Ordinary Adventures. They are vloggers and editors who enjoy geeking out about various things. Their vlog has over 200k subscribers. They also enjoy theme parks and comic conventions. Their net worth is estimated to be approximately $6 million.

They are also based in Toronto and make an estimated 2000 per month from their channel. Peter was rated as one of the top 100 most influential YouTubers by Total Film Magazine. With 26900K subscribers and thousands of YouTube subscribers, the two should have a decent net worth. And if their YouTube channel is any indication, they have a good chance of making at least 2000 per month.

Those interested in learning about the net worth of the Ordinary Adventures creators can look at their YouTube channel or illustrator’s work. Alastair Aiken has about 500k subscribers and 480 views per day. Peter Drawss, meanwhile, has a net worth of $303930.

PeterSciretta Kitra is an illustrator and doodler with more than 500K subscribers on YouTube. Her channel is known for its videos that focus on travel, life, and tourism. The channel has a total of 303930 videos posted in the Tourism Entertainment Lifestyle category. Amanda Hirsch has also been featured in television serials like The Pale Horse and The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones.

The net worth of Ordinary Adventures’ creators has been estimated to be $15 million. The two live in West Hollywood. Peter is a member of the Hollywood Critics Association and was the director of Escaping Reality. He also runs a podcast called /Film Daily.

Despite the popularity of their videos, the Dashleys have managed to make a decent fortune. Evan Dashley’s net worth is estimated to be about $1 million. The average person who makes videos on YouTube earns between $100,000 and $1.5 million. Despite his modest earnings, his YouTube channel has earned him a loyal following of more than 26900 subscribers.

YouTube has become a great tool for video creators, and a YouTube channel dedicated to the series has generated over $1.2 million in revenue. Streaming is one of the fastest-growing ways to make money online. With so many people using YouTube as a medium for their videos, ordinary adventures is now more accessible than ever.