Open Road Quotes

open road quotes

A number of famous quotes speak to the freedom of traveling the open road. Some are attributed to Unknown, Tom Wolfe, Babs Hoffman, Jerry Seinfeld, and Anthony Bourdain. These quotes speak to the concept of being lost, time, and the freedom to take chances. In addition, they highlight the importance of travel in changing one’s life.

Less traveled roads

There are many benefits to taking the road less traveled. It may be less stressful, but the road can also be a lot more difficult. The road is often hillier, and sometimes, it can even disappear, forcing you to bushwhack your way to a new trail. It may also offer more opportunities for advancement, such as getting to night school or a gym. It can even lead to social media and television.

A famous poem explains the concept of the ‘road less traveled.’ In the poem, the speaker finds two paths in a yellow wood. He decides to take the less traveled one, because he’d rather experience a new experience than risk self-destruction.