Nu-Type Model B Aladdin Lamp

An elegant Nu-Type Model B Aladdin lamp is a classic, vintage kerosene lamp. This piece is handmade by the Mantle Lamp Company in Chicago, Illinois. The base is decorated with the Washington drape pattern and features an original Aladdin chimney that stands over 12″ high. This lamp is in good condition and features a working chimney.

Aladdin used the model B burner on many of its lamps from 1933 to 1955. The burners were manufactured by Plume & Atwood in Connecticut. The model B burner’s retooled design made instilling the wick easier. It is the second most popular model of Aladdin lamp.

Aladdin made several styles of Aladdin lamps before the war, including a variety of colours. However, during the war, brass and plating were restricted and the company stopped producing metal lamps. As a result, Aladdin reduced the number of styles to the clear B-53, the new formula B-75 table lamp, and the 0153 alacite fount lamp. These lamps also came with steel wick raisers, filler caps, and wick cleaners. The company discontinued production of these lamps after the war, but many parts have survived.

The Aladdin lamps were originally made in the United States and England. However, after the floods of 1955, the factory in Meriden, CT was destroyed. After this, the company moved to China. Afterwards, the lamps have been manufactured in China. The company also sells Aladdin accessories, including replacement bulbs.