Nikki Delventhal Net Worth

Among the many YouTubers, Nikki Delventhal has become popular. She has been known to make videos on various topics, such as fashion, travel, and more. She has an impressive social media following and is also known for her photoshoots. She has a huge number of followers on her Instagram account. Nikki is also very active on other social media platforms, such as Twitter and TikTok. She has earned a significant amount of money through her videos and has a large fan following. Her net worth has also increased a lot since she started traveling full time.

Nikki Delventhal was born on January 5, 1989, in Fairfield, Connecticut. She is the daughter of Dan Delventhal and Cynthia Delventhal. She has two siblings, Kayla Danielle and Shoshanna Raven. She completed her education in a private school. She is now a graduate research assistant at Oregon State University. Nikki has also worked as a model, hairstylist, and fitness instructor. She has appeared on magazines such as Elle, Vogue, and Harper’s Bazaar. She has been a model for Wilhelmina Models in New York. She has also worked as an NFL cheerleader.

Nikki Delventhal has an estimated net worth of $1 million. She has earned her income through YouTube, ad campaigns, and sponsorships. She has also earned money through her brand endorsements and Patreon supporters. Nikki has also donated much of her ad revenue to a charitable organization, Camper Cares. Her net worth is estimated to grow as she creates more videos. She has a total of 390K subscribers on her YouTube channel. She earns $6,800 per month.

Nikki Delventhal is also a member of a carbon-neutral business family. Her father, Dan, is the CEO of MowGreen Ltd. She was also a contestant on season 19 of The Bachelor. Nikki was removed from the season after week four. Her sister, Shoshanna, is a writer for Investopedia. She has a total of 7.2K followers on Twitter. Her dog, Camper, has an Instagram account. She is a dog lover and has recently rescued a dog from New Mexico. Nikki and Camper enjoy adventures together.

Nikki is also an avid hiker. She eats 80% vegetarian foods. She has a Toyota Prius car that she has traded in for a more simple lifestyle. She also has portable solar panels for electricity. She has health insurance and car insurance. She is also very close to her family. Nikki Delventhal is proud of her parents and siblings. She says that she has been very fortunate to have a family that is very cooperative.

Nikki has also appeared in various other television shows, such as “The Bachelor”, “The Biggest Loser”, “Buckley’s Wedding”, and “The Wedding Planner.” She has also been a hairstylist to the stars. She has worked for brands such as Elle, Pepsi, and Pepsi Max. Nikki has traveled to 50 countries and has been on the road since 2015.

Nikki is a social media Content creator and she has a very rapidly growing social media following. She shares daily life adventures on her YouTube and Instagram accounts. She is also known for photographing fashion and celebrities.