Nico Rosberg Net Worth

Nico Rosberg has amassed a net worth of $50 million. He won the Chinese Grand Prix in 2012, and was in a championship battle with Lewis Hamilton. His triumph over Hamilton was particularly meaningful as it came 34 years after his father won his first title. Rosberg is also a committed supporter of children’s welfare. He recently donated EUR100,000 to a charity called Heart for Children.

Nico Rosberg lives in Monte Carlo, Monaco. As of 2016, he earned $15.5 million from his contract with Mercedes. His contract with the company has a two-year extension. In this time, he will earn an additional EUR18 million. His salary is topped off by endorsement deals, which include a partnership with designer Thomas Sabo and a partnership with Rolex.

Rosberg was born on June 27, 1985. He joined Mercedes in 2010 and won the Formula One World Championship in 2013. He also has other professional interests, including engineering and commentary work. He also runs his own podcast and is active on social media. His wife, Vivian, has two children and a business in Ibiza, Spain. Nico Rosberg is a big football fan, and supports the Bayern Munich football team. He also plays tennis and has been a member of the national team of Monaco.

Nico Rosberg’s net worth is estimated to be around $50 million. It’s a figure that’s expected to rise as he continues to win championships and titles. The German driver is a well-known and respected racer, and has amassed a considerable net worth through brand endorsements and other sources of income.

In 2015, Nico Rosberg’s net worth was boosted significantly by his success in the Formula One world championship. He also won the Spanish Grand Prix and became the fourth driver to win the Monaco Grand Prix three times. In addition, he finished his season with a win over Hamilton in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. With his wealth, the German driver has built a stable foundation for himself and his family.

The world champion’s retirement was a shock for many people. He had spent 20 years in the Formula One sport. His father Keke Rosberg was the world champion in 1982, and he had always felt pressured to emulate his father’s success. Despite his huge net worth, Nico Rosberg has a diverse range of interests, including business. Nico Rosberg has been involved in various projects since he made his Formula One debut.

Despite his success, he has also faced numerous setbacks. In April 2016, he was involved in the Panama Papers scandal. Despite the scandal, Rosberg and his wife are enjoying a happy married life. The couple has two children and live in Ibiza. Nico and his wife have been married since July 2014. Nico and his wife are the parents of two children. Nico Rosberg net worth is estimated to be close to $110 million.

Rosberg began his racing career at a young age. He competed in three Formula BMW Junior Cup races. He was the youngest driver to achieve the fastest lap at a Grand Prix. He also won the Chinese Grand Prix in 2012.