Nicholas Crown Net Worth – Founder of Amoeba Digital

Founder of Amoeba Digital, Nicholas Crown has made a lot of money in the online business world. His Amoeba digital growth agency helps individuals and companies to grow their rankings on the web. The firm provides customized organic ranking strategies and iterative development. It is also known for helping clients gain market traction. The firm offers an easy and convenient way to expand your business organically.

Before founding Amoeba, Nicholas Crown worked for Barclays Investment Bank and UBS. His earnings mainly came from these two companies. But Nicholas Crown has also built a few successful companies of his own. His companies include Amoeba digital growth agency and Resume Atelier.

The Amoeba digital growth agency was founded by Nicholas Crown in 2021. It offers a complete digital marketing suite to help clients achieve iterative development and organic ranking. Amoeba also helps clients to gain market traction. It is also known for its reverse engineering of hiring technology. The firm also helps clients to build rankings using ATS systems.

Nicholas Crown also owns a successful blues-rock group called The Cold Water Electric. His band has won the best new band award in Texas in 2016. In addition to Amoeba, Nicholas Crown also has a resume writing company, Resume Atelier. He earns an estimated $50 per hour for his work.

According to reports, Nicholas Crown has a net worth of $10 million. His net worth is expected to increase in the future. The entrepreneur has been successful in creating a large fan following on TikTok and other social media sites. His bio on TikTok connects to his website. He has more than 658 thousand followers on TikTok. His net worth is expected to reach tens of millions of dollars by the year 2021.

Nicholas Crown also has a channel on YouTube. He has earned more than 75 million views on his channel and more than 30k new subscribers every month. His channel features videos on his topic of interest, which include the Rich vs. Really Rich series. His YouTube channel has a total of 103 videos uploaded. He also has a large fan following on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Despite his success, Nicholas Crown remains private about his personal life. However, he has been rumored to be dating female photographers and socialites. Nevertheless, he has denied the reports. He currently resides in Miami, Florida. Nicholas Crown also has an exclusive collection of cars. He has visited Mexico and Argentina.

Nicholas Crown is also a well-known guitarist. He has performed in student-run concerts. Nicholas Crown plays the guitar well and sings beautifully. He also has an interest in delta blues music. He loves to travel and explore new places.

Nicholas Crown has also written a popular book called Fake It. His book focuses on the concept of Rich vs. Really Rich and parodies the wealthy class. He also has been featured in Forbes. He has not been publicly disclosed his salary.