NG Slots Net Worth

NG Slot is a popular YouTube personality that shares his gambling experiences in the USA. His channel is also popular in other countries. His audience is predominantly located in the United States. This channel has more than 305,000 subscribers and receives 7,170,000 views per month. This makes him one of the most popular gambling YouTube channels.

NG Slot earned most of his income from online casino affiliate programs. However, he also makes money from his Teespring store and live streams. He earns a total of between $2 and $30k a month from these channels. NG Slot’s Patreon account is able to bring in an additional $1500 a month. He has 16 Patreon subscribers. He also earns money from sponsored ads.

NG Slot is known for his simple yet effective style of vlogging. He uses striking thumbnails and engaging titles to attract viewers. The comments in his videos are usually positive, highlighting NG Slot’s love for his community. He posts regularly thanking his fans for their support. He also makes live streams on a regular basis, earning donations from his followers.

Narek Gharibyan started his professional career on YouTube. He relocated to Los Angeles, California, and later became a US citizen. He is married with three children. He has two Dragon Cash jackpots worth over $20,000. He also received $44,668 in prizes on the Black Diamond slot machine. He also has a total of 29 million views on his channel. NG Slot’s channel is rated B+ by Social Blade, meaning NG Slot is popular amongst his audience. The channel receives advertisements from YouTube and affiliate relationships with leading casinos.

NG Slot is 35 years old. He lives in Los Angeles, California, with his wife and three children. He studies at a local school. He occasionally visits other states and cities. He also runs a jewelry business in Moscow, Russia. The NG Slot channel has been active since 2015. NG Slot has gained a large audience because of his entertaining and straightforward style of vlogging. His videos feature gaming experiences in different casinos across the United States. He often reminds his viewers to pay attention in casinos. NG Slot is also licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority. He has also confirmed his real name in an interview with Bob Casino.

NG Slots’ net worth is estimated to be $1.8 million as of 2022. Most of the money that NG Slot earns comes from his YouTube channel. NG Slot is estimated to make between $10,000 and $15,000 a month from his channel. His Patron tiers are from $2 to $1500. He does not have a set schedule for his live streams. The NG Slot channel also has a Teespring store, which sells items.

NG Slot is a professional YouTuber who has earned a net worth of more than $1 million. He is an Armenian who lives in Los Angeles, California. He runs a jewelry business in the US and also has a Teespring store.