New Britain Memorial & Donald D Sagarino Funeral Home

New Britain Memorial-Sagarino Funeral Home, formerly known as Blogoslowski Funeral Home, has been providing excellence in funeral service since 1900. The family-owned business has pioneered funeral service innovation in New Britain while paying homage to the rich history and community spirit of the area.

New Britain Memorial-Sagarino Funeral Home offers a General Price List of services and costs, which includes items such as transportation to the cemetery and viewing services. You can obtain a copy of this list at no cost by contacting the funeral home. You are encouraged to call ahead of time to inquire about special pricing packages.

The Blogoslawski family began providing funeral services in New Britain in 1900, and the Funeral Home was built on their dream in the 1960s. Today, New Britain Memorial & Donald D. Sagarino Funeral Home offers service excellence to longtime patrons in the New Britain community. Funeral director Ann Targonski has served the community for over 40 years.