Net Worth of a Man in FPS Russia

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‘FPS Russia’ was a popular YouTube channel. Founded in 2010, the channel has more than 6 million subscribers. It was one of the top 10 most subscribed channels for a period of time. But sadly, it has been discontinued.

During the early years, the channel was mainly focused on Call of Duty gameplay commentary. Eventually, the channel began to produce gun demonstration videos. The channel became popular for its ability to show off terrifying weapons. This led to a legal issue with the ATF. The channel was put on hiatus for nine months.

In April 2016, the channel re-launched. However, no new videos have been produced since. There is no clear reason for the stoppage. Some suspect that the channel’s legal issues with the ATF caused the channel to stop. Nevertheless, there is a chance that Myers might return to the dormant channel.

The channel’s producer was Keith Ratliff. He was the channel’s heart. He was responsible for procuring special weapons for the channel. He also worked on the production team. Ratliff had black hair and a dark brown eye color. He was about five feet eight inches tall. He owned a manufacturing facility in Georgia. He also held an arms license from the US government.


FPSRUSSIA, also known as Dimitri Potapoff, is a full blooded American from Mason, Georgia. He started out as a YouTube content creator and progressed to becoming a Twitch streamer. His videos racked up over 900 million views and some impressive social media engagement metrics. His most notable accomplishment was being named one of the top ten YouTube personalities of 2010. He has a hefty price tag, reportedly earning $1 million per year, with the remainder of his paycheck being reinvested into the production of his videos. He may not have the sexiest personality, but he sure has the most likable.

In the past, he threw down a jaw dropping six figure salary, but he has since slashed his rate by as much as a third. He has also branched out into a clothing line on Spreadshirt, which he is obviously proud of. He has an impressive list of social media accounts, but he may be too busy with life to actually post anything. FPSRUSSIA may be the best kept secret in the YouTube community, but that is a shame, as he is a one of a kind. FPSRUSSIA is a proud father and an exemplary family man, and has made time for his kids and wife to be a part of his oeuvre.


FPSRUSSIA, as in the aforementioned name, is one of the most famous YouTube content creators of all time. He is responsible for the most viewed videos on the platform, and has a sizable following of his own. The most popular video of his is called The One – a six minute long series of clips about the most important things in life. As of the writing of this article, his channel has amassed a staggering 956 million views, and he has not uploaded a single video since his release from prison in February. He is currently on probation and has no control over his own YouTube account, but that’s all about to change.

The most interesting thing about FPSRussia is his plethora of pranks. Some of his most notable include a “faux” suicide attack on his wife, an attempt to kill his daughter, a suicide attempt, and a failed attempt at a suicide pact. He has also been accused of stealing a firearm for a YouTube video, which may or may not have been a shady move on his part. For a while, he was one of the most prolific YouTubers, and one of the most prolific trolls as well.


FPSRUSSIA’s real name is Kyle Lamar Myers and he is a burgeoning celebrity in his own right. He is best known for his YouTube channel FPSRussia, which is now defunct, but he is also a Twitch streamer, podcaster and all-round entertainer. He is not known for his good looks, though.

FPSRussia’s YouTube Channel has over 6 million subscribers and has amassed over 956 million views as of June 2022. The channel was previously one of the top ten most subscribed YouTube channels, and is now a relative no-name. The channel has not had any new videos uploaded to it since he was sentenced to two months in jail for violating his probation.

As for the fps, it’s hard to imagine this young man working a 9 to 5 job. He might be better off working on his next project, though. Whether FPSRussia is a successful entrepreneur or not, he’s clearly got the makings. He has his own line of clothing on Spreadshirt. The channel has also been featured in the aforementioned Painkiller already podcast. There is also a mobile version of the game that is exclusive to iPhone and Os devices.

FPSRUSSIA’s net worth is unknown, though estimates suggest it is somewhere in the low millions range. A wiki page containing his bio, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube profiles suggests he is quite the social butterfly, but it is hard to imagine he has enough time in his day to get to all of those social venues.


FPSRusia, formerly known as FPSRussia, is a YouTube channel dedicated to firearms, explosives, and other action video games. It has earned over 700 million views in 2017, and over 1 billion in 2021. It’s also a popular Twitch streamer and podcaster.

FPSRussia was created by Kyle Lamar Myers. He created the channel on 19 April 2010. His net worth is estimated to be at least $2 million. He also has a popular channel called “MoreFPSRussia” with about one million subscribers. FPSRusia has been featured on the popular podcast Painkiller Already.

Myers started his channel with the support of a business associate, but it has grown to become a full-fledged YouTube empire. His channel was featured in the Top 100 YouTube Channels list in 2014, and has earned over 6 million subscribers as of October 2017. His channel has earned over $2 million on YouTube, and his clothing line on Spreadshirt is estimated to have earned over $10 million in 2014.

He has made a few YouTube videos, and also created a series of YouTube games, including “FPS Russia: The Game.” As of June 2022, FPSRussia’s channel has earned more than 956 million views. In 2010, FPSRussia was the most popular YouTube channel.


Until recently, FPSRussia was considered the most popular YouTube channel in the world. The channel had more than 6 million subscribers and over 950 million views. However, in April 2016, the channel stopped producing new videos. As of January 2018, it is no longer active.

The channel’s owner, Kyle Lamar Myers, is a 26-year-old American. He was born in Lavonia, Georgia and raised in an upper middle class family. He worked as a car salesman in his late teens. Later, he became a YouTuber. In 2011, Myers reached one million subscribers. He made videos of himself shooting guns on his family farm. His video “The Return of FPSRussia” has more than 3.3 million views and more than 73,000 likes.

Kyle Lamar Myers was arrested in August 2017 for drug charges. He had been a guest on the Painkiller Already podcast. However, he had to leave the show in October, as his father’s farm was raided because of the guns and explosives that Myers had on his YouTube channel.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) is investigating Myers and his family. They have not made a determination as to whether Myers is actually responsible for the murder.

FPSRussia is now a podcaster, as well as a Twitch streamer. Myers has also joined forces with other YouTubers to produce videos. Some of the videos that he produces have more than 10 million views. In June 2011, he hit the million-subscriber mark. His most popular video features a fully automatic 12-gauge shotgun.


FPSRUSSIA is a YouTube channel and podcast that was created by Kyle Lamar Myers. The channel’s name is derived from Kyle’s online pseudonym, Dmitri Potapoff. He demonstrates the use of guns in real life, as well as playing games like Call of Duty.

FPSRussia has an estimated net worth of $2 million. Its estimated income is listed on various online sources. The channel has more than 6.5 million subscribers, and has over 900 million views.

FPSRussia’s occupations include co-hosting the Painkiller Already podcast. He also created the channel FPSRussia in 2010. The channel’s content revolved around him portraying a character and showing off weapons.

Besides his YouTube career, FPSRUSSIA has been active on Twitter and Instagram. His net worth is unknown, but he may be doing other work to earn money.

In 2010, FPSRussia created their first YouTube channel. It featured footage of Myers shooting guns on his family farm in Georgia. He later created a second YouTube channel, ‘MoreFPSRussia’. ‘MoreFPSRussia’ had about one million subscribers. The video channel was suspended after a member of the crew was found dead.

In 2016, FPSRussia’s occupations include co-hosting a podcast, podcasting and playing games. The channel’s last video has accumulated over three million views.