Nestor Haddaway Net Worth

Amongst the many singers and musicians that are popular, one of the lesser known is Nestor Alexander Haddaway. A Trinidadian-born German singer, Haddaway is best known for his hit song “What is Love” which reached number one in 13 countries. The song was also featured in a Diet Pepsi MAX commercial.

Haddaway’s music career began in 1992, when he signed with German label Coconut Records. The singer has released several albums to date, including Pop Splits and Gotta Be. He is also known for his dance style, which is evident from his music videos. Aside from his singing career, Haddaway also has a successful film scoring career. His work can be heard on albums by Razor & Tie, Dr. Alban, The Mad Stuntman, and Chances. In fact, Haddaway’s album The Album reached #3 on the charts in Switzerland.

The singer was born in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, and is currently based in Kitzbuhel, Austria. Haddaway’s family moved to the United States at a young age, living in Chicago and Washington, DC. He attended Meade Senior High School in Fort Meade, Maryland. His parents separated in the early 1970s, and he lived with his mother in America. He then moved to the German city of Cologne. During his early days, he mostly worked in bars. His first single, “What Is Love” was a moderate hit, selling over 900,000 copies in Germany. It peaked at number two on the U.K. and German music charts, and reached number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100.

The song is credited with being the best-selling single of the year in Germany, and has sold over 2.6 million copies worldwide. The song was also featured on a Diet Pepsi MAX ad during Super Bowl XLII, as well as on a Diet Pepsi commercial featuring Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliott. The commercial also featured a number of other big name artists, such as LL Cool J and Missy Elliott.

The song has been sampled heavily in Eminem’s single “No Love” featuring Lil Wayne. It also made a comeback in 2009, after a DJ Klaas remix. It has also been sampled in a number of other songs, including The Mad Stuntman’s single “Up and Up”.

While most celebrities do not reveal their net worth, a recent survey found that Haddaway’s estimated net worth is approximately $7 million. The estimated value is based on a number of sources including public information on sponsorships and endorsements, as well as a number of songs from Haddaway’s catalog. It is estimated that Haddaway’s revenue will reach $400 in 2021. In the meantime, fans can add the latest news and gossip about him to the FAQ by commenting below.

The singer has also been associated with The Mad Stuntman and Dr. Alban, and is rumored to be dating Klaas. Aside from his music career, Haddaway has a family, including three children. However, he has not been open about his current job or personal life.