Nerdwax Net Worth 2021

Despite the Nerdwax’s obscurity in the grand scheme of things, it has managed to sell about 1.3 million tubes, according to the Nerdwax. The company has a Facebook page with over 10,000 Likes and sells a Magic Drops cleaning solution along with a cleaning cloth. The company is currently looking for investors to boost its net worth and increase its revenue.

Nerdwax is a relatively new product on the market. It’s a wax-like balm, designed to keep glasses from sliding off your face. It’s an all-natural product that won’t irritate your skin and it’s a cinch to use. The company also sells a handy-dandy cleaning cloth that’s shaped like a pizza. Despite the fact that Nerdwax has received mostly positive reviews, it isn’t quite as effective as it claims.

Don Hejney is the inventor of Nerdwax. He came up with the idea while on a trip to San Diego with his wife Lydia. He was looking for a commercially available product to use while out and about, but he was disappointed with the choices he saw. The solution he came up with was a product made at home, with a beeswax-based formula. Sadly, it was made by a manufacturer that turned out to be a dud.

The Nerdwax isn’t the first all-natural wax product to hit the market. The original product, marketed as a cleaning cloth, was a little more clunky, but it did the job well enough. However, the company is launching a new product that’s more slick. The product will cost the same as the previous one, but it comes in a neat and tidy pouch. The company also recently released a new cleaning solution, a beeswax based cleaner aptly named Magic Drops.

The best part about Nerdwax is that it doesn’t cost a fortune to make the product. It only costs about 35 cents to make one tube, and you can get several in a box for the same price. That’s a pretty good deal for an all-natural product. Aside from the usual suspects, Nerdwax also does well on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The brand has also managed to get its name in the game by appearing on Shark Tank, the TV show that has a cult following. It also had a Kickstarter campaign that raised over $60,000. The company has been very lucky in the media, with the company’s name being mentioned in numerous ad campaigns.

The Nerdwax also got a big boost when the founders were on the road in Vegas, where they were interviewed on a Shopify podcast. The company was also featured in an advertisement in The New York Times. It’s also been featured in a number of news and blog articles, including this one. The product is also featured on Amazon’s Best Seller list. It’s also one of the more successful Kickstarter projects of recent memory.