Nardo Natural Net Worth

Founders of Nardo’s Natural appeared on Shark Tank in 2012. Their company was founded in 2009 and they are now selling their organic skincare products in spas, big box retailers, and online. Their products include face lotions, body butters, body oil, foot creams, lip balm, and face cleanser. Their products are cruelty free and all-natural. The company is based in Tampa, Florida, and they have an annual revenue of $5 million.

Nardo’s Natural Skin Care Business was founded by brothers who were frustrated with the harsh chemicals found in most skin care products. They were interested in creating a family-owned business that focused on organic ingredients and green packaging. After they began creating their first lotions in their parent’s kitchen, they hoped that their products could change the skincare industry. They eventually pitched their idea on Shark Tank and were awarded a deal by Barbara Corcoran. She offered them $75,000 for a 50% stake in the company. They decided to accept her offer, even though she required them to change their business name.

The Nardo brothers are based in Tampa, Florida, and they currently have 16 sales representatives. The company has a net worth of $5 million. They project that their business will generate a revenue of $4.8 million in the next two years. They also plan on expanding their business through big box retailers. The brothers have been involved with their business for over three years and have a passion for creating all-natural skincare products.

Nardo’s Natural has been featured on Good Morning America and was named Business of the Year in Florida. They also received hundreds of orders during the show. The company had over one million hits on their website in just 24 hours. Nardo’s Natural has also partnered with Walgreen’s and CVS. They are currently available in health spas all over the country.

They had seventeen locations before they appeared on Shark Tank. In the show, they received an offer from Barbara Corcoran for $75,000 in exchange for a 50% stake in their company. Their products are all natural, cruelty free, and vegan. Their products include moisturizers, facial oil, body butter, toners, foot creams, lip balm, cleansers, and eye serums. They are available on the company’s website, as well as Walgreen’s and CVS.

The company’s founders hope to expand their business and increase their revenue by adding more products to their line of organic skin care products. They hope to expand their market share, and are currently in talks with big box retailers and box stores. They are also looking for investment for a 12% stake in the business. They are excited to work with Barbra and are looking forward to their growth.

In the past year, Nardo’s Natural has won Business of the Year in Florida, as well as being featured on Good Morning America. The company also had a publicity campaign that received over one million internet visits. Nardo’s Natural has continued to grow since their appearance on Shark Tank, and they hope to continue to grow their business.