Must Be Cindy Net Worth

Besides the plethora of Instagram and Twitter accounts, Cindy Cervantes is also an accomplished makeup artist. She is also the brains behind the popular Mulac Cosmetics brand. She is known for her makeup tutorials and has been featured in a number of web based media outlets. She has a small but loyal following.

Must Be Cindy may not be the first person to come to mind when it comes to Instagram fame and fortune, but she has managed to find herself on the receiving end of some high profile customer service blunders. She has also been criticized for dating the wrong guy (or gal) and ignoring the rules of etiquette at various points in her career. While she has yet to answer to any of these allegations, she has not ruled out a comeback. This is despite the fact that her recent tweet about a potential fling has received many responses, including one from the CEO of Instagram, who has penned a stern letter to the lady of the hour.

While she has been criticized for her outright dishonesty and sexiness in the past, it is also fair to say that she is a likable and considerate human being. She has been a gracious host to guests, and has also made a number of friends, including her fellow social media luminaries and the likes of Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey. She also has a small but loyal following of her own. In fact, she has managed to garner a net worth of about $42 million. This figure is largely attributable to her Mulac brand and the fact that she has amassed a sizable social media following. For a start, she has over 348K followers on Instagram. She is also the proud owner of one of the most popular Twitter accounts in the history of Twitter.

The most important tidbit of all is that Cindy is not the only celeb on the internet. The internet is a vast and sprawling place, but there are certain etiquette standards that all parties must adhere to. Having said that, Cindy has managed to eschew the negatives and is a happy and healthy mom to a spritely pup. She has also been able to find her own social media niche, which is largely thanks to her loyal fans.