MSNBC – What is the Phone Number of MSNBC?

MSNBC is taking its first step toward developing a clearer identity with the launch of “Lean Forward,” its new tagline that is meant to reach viewers, advertisers and distributors alike.

Jones, who directs daytime news coverage and breaking news at MSNBC, helped prepare Kristen Welker for moderating two Democratic primary debates. Kristen is known for being able to penetrate political figures’ guards easily.

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MSNBC, owned and operated by NBCUniversal – a subsidiary of Comcast – provides news coverage and political commentary, with headquarters located in New York City and available in over 87 million homes throughout the US. Although frequently compared with rival channel CNBC, these two channels differ considerably in many aspects.

MSNBC stands out among cable news networks due to its more liberal, left-leaning programming and views, such as its left-leaning political views and opinionated programming. MSNBC features political commentators Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews and Joe Scarborough while also offering numerous political reporters.

MSNBC is one of three major cable news networks in the US – alongside Fox News and CNN – and features content with a strong leftist bias, featuring Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews and Chuck Todd as its prominent personalities. MSNBC ranks second after Fox News but ahead of CNN; its parent company NBCUniversal owns majority stake in CNBC – another competitor channel – providing another key difference between them which each have separate management teams and editorial staffs.

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MSNBC is a cable news network that specializes in political stories. Owned by NBCUniversal, which is part of Comcast, it reaches more than 87 million pay television subscribers across America and ranks amongst three largest cable news channels alongside CNN and Fox News. MSNBC leans left and frequently provides commentary critical of President Donald Trump. MSNBC features popular personalities like Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, and Joe Scarborough among its staffers.

MSNBC can be reached by email, phone and social media platforms such as Twitter. Their website features an interactive contact form for questions and feedback – simply complete your details below to reach them! Please provide your name, email address and a description of what issue(s) you’re currently encountering; including date and time when issues were first noticed as well as link(s).

Established in 1996 as a joint venture between Microsoft and NBC, MSNBC remains part of NBCUniversal today, but Microsoft divested itself of both TV channel and website ownership several years ago. Its original logo featured both an NBC peacock as well as MSN symbol (now part of NBC logo) before eventually being rebranded as MSNBC in 2005.

MSNBC, located in New York City, and its sister company NBC News are closely connected; each provides news and analysis for television and the internet alike. Furthermore, NBC owns and manages its own NBC Sports division which hosts sporting events across the nation while MSNBC is home to top-rated shows such as Morning Joe and Rachel Maddow Show among many others.

Due to President Donald Trump’s election victory and MSNBC’s subsequent success in its aftermath, speculation about its relationship with its parent corporation NBC is widespread. Some analysts speculate that they will sell off MSNBC; others remain uncertain of this possibility. No matter the outcome, MSNBC remains an integral part of American political discourse with liberal leanings that provide people with news and information quickly and efficiently.


MSNBC is an American news-oriented cable television channel owned by NBCUniversal and headquartered in New York City. MSNBC provides live news coverage and political analysis from informed perspectives ranging from breaking stories to political analysis; available to over 87 million pay-TV households globally across Africa, Canada, South America and Europe – making MSNBC one of the three largest cable news networks in America alongside Fox News and CNN.

Tom Rogers founded MSNBC in 1996 as a combination of Microsoft and National Broadcasting Company – hence its original name of MSNBC (ms for Microsoft and n for National Broadcasting Company). Over time it changed to MSNBC which stands for “Microsoft+NBC”. After Microsoft parted ways from the TV channel in 2005 but kept the name, MSNBC became more widely recognized than ever.

Original programming on MSNBC was similar to CNBC; initially focused on financial news but soon shifting toward political coverage; audiences increased steadily until becoming the second-most-watched cable news channel after Fox News.

Recent years have seen an increasing shift towards the left at CNN and an apparent preference for Democratic politics and opinions; leading some critics to allege it is biased against Republicans.

The current logo was unveiled in 2009 and features the iconic NBC peacock in blue, red, and white hues reminiscent of 1995 MSN logo and 1986 NBC wordmark design elements. Additionally, in 2014 it was enhanced so it is more easily recognisable by updating its symbology.

MSNBC can be an invaluable source of information, yet its search functionality can make finding specific clips difficult. But with some diligent searching, it should be possible to track down whatever it is you need – the website features a search bar at the top, while you can also browse by genre or host.

MSNBC is a well-known cable news channel known for covering politics, culture, and sports. Some of its shows include Morning Joe, Hardball with Chris Matthews, and The Rachel Maddow Show; it is also home to various liberal pundits and politicians such as Hillary Clinton. Although its political coverage primarily centers on America it has since expanded globally.

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MSNBC is one of three major cable news networks in America – alongside Fox News and CNN – owned by NBCUniversal (part of Comcast Corporation) since 1996 and provides news-oriented political commentary and analysis programming with anchors like Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews as its core.

This network specializes in political issues both domestically and abroad, covering issues from politics to business to entertainment. However, due to its liberal leanings it has often been accused of bias or factual errors leading to criticism by both media outlets and members of the public alike.

As of February 2015, MSNBC was available in 94.531,000 households – making it the second-most watched major cable news network after CNBC but ahead of Fox News in terms of viewership in its time slot. MSNBC often acts as the antithesis to rival Fox News, offering more liberal programming with opinion-oriented programming and programming that highlights more liberal ideologies.

NBCUniversal owns and operates an extensive portfolio of news and entertainment television networks, an award-winning motion picture studio, significant television production operations, world-renowned theme parks and Internet-based businesses – with distribution in over 100 countries worldwide.

MSNBC falsely reported in 2021 that Capitol Police officer Brian D. Sicknick had been killed while trying to disperse protestors at the White House by fire extinguishers; some saw this report as an attempt to mislead viewers and incite political violence. This story has since been condemned as deliberately misleading viewers and inciting political violence.

NBC News Digital is in search of an experienced social multimedia lead to oversee the creation and distribution of social video content across platforms like TikTok and Instagram. This role will lead a team and manage daily activities and long-term strategies for both NBC News and MSNBC’s social media accounts. They require someone who can work quickly while remaining creative while understanding each platform nuances.