Mrballen Net Worth 2022

Whether you are a YouTube fan or just a casual fan of social media, you may have heard of Mrballen. This former Navy Seal is a popular TikTok celebrity. He has a TikTok account with nearly 8 million followers. He also has a podcast that is available on iTunes and Spotify. He also posts random videos at unscheduled times.

Mrballen is from Wollston, Quincy, in the United States. He and his wife have three children. He graduated from Quincy High School and went to college in Boston. He met his wife, Amanda, in college. They have been married for a decade. Mrballen is an advocate for teen health. He founded a foundation that supports victims of heinous crimes. He also co-founded two nonprofit organizations to help veterans. He has a net worth estimated at around $3.5 million. He earned money from his YouTube channel and his TikTok account.

Mrballen was born on October 1, 1988. He is the son of Scott and Jessie Thuma. He has two sisters. He grew up playing Babe Ruth baseball and Little League baseball. He attended Quincy Center High School. He joined the Navy when he was 22. He was deployed to Afghanistan and South America. In 2014, he was injured when a grenade hit him. The shrapnel flew into his hips and legs. He credits his team medic with saving his life.

Mrballen’s YouTube channel has received 920 million views. He has a total of 5.42 million subscribers. He has also launched a second YouTube channel in Spanish. He is a very successful TikTok celebrity and his account has over 7 million subscribers. He has also released two TikTok episodes.

Mrballen is an avid baseball player. He plays Tech Decks and Tech Decks 2. He is also very active on social media. He posts on various social media sites such as Instagram and Twitter. He also has an official website where he promotes various brands. He also posts a podcast that can be heard on iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify. He has also been verified on Instagram.

Mrballen is a TikTok celebrity with over 7 million followers. He also has a podcast and a YouTube channel. He posts at random times, but he is known for posting scary stories and true crime cases. His YouTube channel has a total of 1.1 billion views. He is also famous for a Like button gag. He also hosts a podcast called Strange, Dark and Mysterious Stories.

He has also helped people find jobs. He has helped veterans get jobs. He has also co-founded a couple of nonprofits to help those who are affected by tragedy. He is also a well-known advocate for teen health. He has helped raise awareness about the dangers of teen smoking. He has also co-founded a nonprofit talent collective called Elite Meet. He has worked with the Operators Association in the Dallas, Fort Worth area. He was the CEO of Elite Meet from February 2017 to September 2020.