Mouse Genetics Gizmo Answer Key Activity B

This activity teaches students about the genetics of mice. They learn about genotype, allele, phenotype, and probability. They also learn about the Punnett Square. The Punnett Square shows the genotypes of parents of a pair of mice. They use the Punnett Square to predict how many offspring in the pair will be black.

In this interactive simulation, students learn the difference between the two types of mice, one with a dominant gene and one with a recessive gene. The program also offers statistical data and approximate percentages to explain how traits are passed down from parent to child. Students can even test their understanding by answering questions at the end of the simulation. The mouse genetics simulation is a great introduction to the reproduction cluster, and students get to experience manipulating the mice and watching the offspring grow and develop.

When a mouse has a red eye and black eye, it is heterozygous. If the mouse has a red eye, then it is homozygous. If a black-eyed male mouse crosses with a white-eyed female mouse, both offspring will be heterozygous.