Monica Robles Quotes

monica robles quotes

Monica Robles quotes are widely available on the internet and can be found by searching for her name on TikTok. There are several hashtags related to her on TikTok including #monicarobles, #monicaroblestiktok, and #monicaroblesfans.

Monica Robles

Monica Robles quotes reveal her tough and vengeful side. In her acclaimed television series El Senor de los Cielos, Monica Robles portrays a character with a love-hate relationship who must choose between revenge and love. In this quote, Monica ponders her decision between revenge and love.

Robles has been credited with numerous films and TV shows. Her role as Aurelio Casillas brought her international recognition. However, the Mexican actress revealed that she struggled to get selected. She once appeared on the YouTube show Pinky Promise.

Monica Robles’ character

Monica Robles was one of the strongest fictional characters in television history. She was played by Fernanda Castillo, who has starred in a number of soap operas and theater productions. She was also a favorite character of Aurelio Casillas. The character took a toll on the actress.

Monica Robles’ character has a dark past, but she tries to keep it low-key. Despite her high-profile role, Monica Robles’maintains a romance with Aurelio Casillas’ (a former cop). Unlike Robles, the real Enedina Arellano Felix has a low-key lifestyle. She studied accounting in Guadalajara and is the financial brain of the cartel. However, despite her shady past, she never appears in the search engines in the United States.

Monica Robles’ character in El senor de los cielos

The first season of the Netflix drama El senor de los cielo starred Monica Robles as a powerful drug dealer. Robles’ character, Elena Sanchez, was a mix of meanness, strength, and tenderness, and inspired a viral meme. In the spinoff series, El Chema, she is portrayed by Michael Ochmann.

Monica Robles’ character first died in the first season, but was brought back for Season 2. In this season, she became allied with Tony Pastrana, a former drug lord who was behind the murder of Victor and one of Aurelio’s sons. In the second season, Monica finds Mabel dead, but the two women are later killed by El Cabo.