Moira Quote From “Finding David”

moira quote

Moira Rose is one of the most memorable and iconic characters of ‘Schitt’s Creek’. She is a former actress who lost her fortune and now lives in a joke town. While her character is often melodramatic, she has a great sense of humor. She has many great quotes that will give you a good laugh.

This famous Moira quote comes from one of her memorable episodes. She is famous for her famous wig, iconic quotes, and ridiculous accent. This quote comes from “Finding David.” In the episode, David has disappeared, and no one knows where he is. When the family follows him, they find him in the Amish community.

Offred also remembers Moira’s interaction with Janine in the Red Center. When Janine was in a daze remembering her previous life, the other women tried to convince her to return to reality, but Moira slapped her back to reality and demanded that she stay in the present. Later, she escapes from Gilead, but when she returns, she sees that she cannot go back to her old life, and she makes sure that Janine stays in the present.

Alexis Rose has a gift with words. She takes after her mother, and she throws out quotable nuggets of wisdom. She even helps David get out of his own way before his driving test. David criticizes her for being so good at life navigation. While she may not be an evil person, she is deeply self-centered and does not do much introspection. She eventually learns to value others and to work hard.