Michael Koulianos Net Worth – Evangelist, Author and Founder of Jesus Image

Evangelist, author and Founder of Jesus Image, Michael Koulianos is an accomplished leader in the Christian community. Koulianos has a deep love for Jesus and a passion to spread the gospel to as many people as possible. He has been ordained to ministry and has served in some of the largest evangelistic meetings in history. As an evangelist, he focuses on winning cities and nations for Christ.

Koulianos’s ministry began when he was only sixteen years old and he started evangelistic meetings with six students at a school founded by his parents. He grew the evangelistic meetings to capacity in a few weeks and quickly attracted other young people. He has since led thousands of people to salvation. In addition to his work in evangelism, Koulianos has also organized religious events. These events are held throughout the year, including national and regional events.

Michael Koulianos’s ministry is based in Orlando, Florida and includes a church, a school and a variety of events. The school sends students out into the community on a weekly basis to preach the gospel. The students are enrolled in Jesus Image Youth, which is targeted at those between the ages of twelve and eighteen. In addition to youth ministries, the Jesus Image Church also tries to evangelize Christians.

Jesus Image is a Christian ministry that focuses on winning cities and nations for Christ. Its events include Jesus ’19, which took place from December 29, 2019, to January 1, 2020. Jesus Image also hosted Jesus Nights, which took place in Dallas, Texas on May 28, 2021. Jesus Image will also host Jesus Nights in Houston on July 9, 2021. In addition to these events, Jesus Image has a YouTube channel. There, users can find videos from a variety of artists and evangelists. It has over seven hundred thousand subscribers and has been viewed 134 million times.

Koulianos has been interviewed on several evangelical Christian based religious television networks, including Daystar and Global Evangelism Television. He has also hosted a weekly podcast entitled Jesus Image. In addition to his work with Jesus Image, Koulianos also moderates conversations with leading gospel leaders. He has written several books, including “The Jesus Book,” “Holy Spirit: The One Who Makes Jesus Real,” “Jesus 365: Daily Devotional with the Son of God,” and “Healing Presence,” which was released in June of 2021.

Koulianos’s family includes his father, Theo Koulianos, and his mother, Evelyn Koulianos. Michael’s mother, Evelyn, is a former evangelist. She and her husband, Theo, also run the Jesus Image Church in Orlando, Florida. In addition to his parents, Koulianos is also married to Jessica Koulianos. She is also a co-founder of the Jesus Image Church, which is located in Orlando, Florida. Their three children include Josh, Eleasha and Benjamin.

Koulianos is also a pastor at the World Healing Church in Orange County, California. He has also been featured on several evangelical Christian based television networks, including the Global Evangelism Television, Daystar and Living for Jesus.