Michael Bliss Quotes

michael bliss quotes

You may not realize it, but Michael Bliss has given many famous quotes. Here are some of them. You’ll find them inspirational, motivational, and even historical. You can use them in your daily life to help you overcome challenges or make your life better. All you have to do is take the time to read them.

Motivational quotes

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Historical quotes

Bliss was a popular public intellectual and historian, with a large following across Canada. He was well-known for his many articles in Canadian magazines and journals, covering topics ranging from current affairs to issues of national unity and governance. He was a founding board member of the Canadian National History Society, and the Pierre Berton Award, which is named for him. Bliss also wrote books on Canadian history.

Bliss retired as University Professor Emeritus at the University of Toronto after a career spanning 38 years. His publications and influence will live on in many publications and among many of his former students. In fact, many of his former students are now leaders at universities and other institutions across Canada.

Known for his 1982 book, “The Discovery of Insulin,” Bliss also wrote biographies of two Canadians, Sir William Osler and the American neurosurgeon Harvey Cushing. He is also a critic of the overspecialization of social history and has commented frequently on Canadian politics. He has lectured widely in North America and Europe.