Matthew Labyorteaux Net Worth

During his 46 years of career, Matthew Labyorteaux has acted in many television shows and movies. He has been able to earn huge amounts of money and receive many awards and nominations. He is one of the best actors of his generation. He has a net worth of $400 thousand. He has a wife and two kids. He was born on December 8, 1966 in Los Angeles, California, USA. He is a Sagittarius. He was adopted by Ronald Labyorteaux and Frances Marshall when he was 10 months old. He was diagnosed with autism when he was a child, and doctors thought that he would never lead a normal life.

He began his acting career at a very young age. At seven years old, he started appearing in television commercials. He was cast as Richie Adler in the Whiz Kids television series from 1983 to 1984. He also appeared on the television show Amazing Stories in 1991. He voiced characterizations in animated films and video games. His voice has been heard in Mulan and Bride Wars. He also appeared in the short-lived television series The Red Hand Bag. He has also been featured in a number of television shows, including the NBC series Little House on the Prairie. He has also starred in several animated movies.

Labyorteaux has been nominated for several awards, including the Best Young Actor in a Drama Series award for his role as Albert Quinn Ingalls on the TV show Little House on the Prairie. He is also a recipient of the Best Voice Award from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences for his work in the film Deadly Friend. He has been nominated for three Young Artist Awards. He is also the founder of the Youth Rescue Fund, which helps young people in need. He has voiced several video games, including Pac-Man, The Wind Rises and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. His voice has also been heard in the film NextGen. He has also worked in the voice-over department of advertisements.

He is also a significant video game player, having played the role of Pac-Man in numerous games. He has played in several television shows, including Shattered Spirits and the NBC series Amazing Stories. He has also voiced many promotions and enlivened highlights. He has also provided voice work for the animated film Mulan and The Wind Rises. He has also voiced a number of promotions for the video game Bride Wars. He has a daughter, Jeau Bennett Labyorteaux, and a son, Matthew Perry. He is also married to Tina Albanese, a television producer. They have been married since 1998. Labyorteaux has a heart problem and lives in California with his wife and their children.

Labyorteaux’s net worth is estimated to be $400 thousand, and he is currently living a lavish life. He has not released his financial information to the public, and has not updated it in several years. He is also not active on social media. His only son, Matthew Perry, is also an actor. He is also proficient in video game craft. He has competed in the Atari championships, and placed 10th in the Centipede race.