Married at First Sight Cast Members Revealed – Gil Cuero Net Worth

During Season 13 of Married at First Sight, Gil Cuero married Myrla Feria. It was a love story that many guessed would fail. They had different views on money, as well as different lifestyle choices. They also struggled with chemistry and intimacy, but ultimately, they decided to stay married.

Gil Cuero was a firefighter who worked as an in-house personal trainer. After the show, he worked at IDEA Public Schools in Texas. He was also a competitive bodybuilder. He has appeared on local Spanish television stations as an in-house personal trainer and collaborated with Caesar on the Total Transformation series. He started a career as a firefighter a couple of years ago.

During Season 13, Gil Cuero was dating Myrla Feria. They married on Dec. 13, 2013. After the cameras had gone away, they changed their relationship and moved in together. While many viewers thought they would split up, they remained together for fourteen days. After their split, Myrla and Gil revealed more details about their love story.

Myrla Feria grew up in an extremely poor household. She was the oldest daughter of Berta Juan Feria. She also had two siblings. As a result, she grew up knowing that she didn’t want to live like a rich person. She was motivated to work hard for her lifestyle. However, she also acknowledged that it was important to have nice things.

After the cameras went away, Myrla and Gil had a conversation off-camera. Myrla explained that she didn’t like Gil’s name-calling. She also didn’t appreciate Gil’s comments about other castmates. She also said that she didn’t like the way Gil talked to other women. She admitted that she didn’t like how Gil talked to her about money. She also said that she didn’t like Gil’s lack of interest in kissing her. However, Myrla admitted that she loved Gil. She said that she was attracted to him throughout the season.

Gil and Myrla haven’t shared their net worth. However, they have said that they are working on creating a life together in the United States. They’re pursuing a career together, as well as investing in their family. They’re also looking for healing. They want to work together on a Naked and Afraid series.

Gil Cuero and Myrla Feria are both very different. Both of them have lost fathers to violence. Myrla is also known to like designer shoes. Gil, on the other hand, prefers to live frugally. He has less than half of her salary. However, he does have the potential to make money. He has a therapist who helps him deal with trauma. He also has had time to realize where he went wrong in his past relationships.

Although both of them have different views on money, they agree that it’s important to invest in their family. They both acknowledge that it’s important to marry a wealthy person. However, they have different views on how much to spend on shoes. They both believe that spending too much on shoes is not a good idea.