Mark Pieloch Net Worth

Among his many achievements, Mark Pieloch is known as the owner of the American Muscle Car Museum. This 123,000 square foot facility is home to more than 300 muscle cars and cars from other eras. There are also a number of antique gas pumps and neon auto signs. The museum is not open to the public, but nonprofit organizations are welcome to use the facility for fundraisers.

Pieloch has amassed a number of other collections as well, including a jukebox, balloon tire bikes, and pedal cars. He has also restored several antique gas pumps and has added a number of neon auto signs to his collection. Most of his cars have less than 200 miles on the clock.

Pieloch’s collection of muscle cars includes cars from the 1960s through 1971. He estimates that his cars are worth more than $100 million. Some of his rarest cars include a 1968 Chevrolet Yenko Super Camaro that sold for $533,500 at an auction. This car was the fifth most expensive vehicle at that sale.

Pieloch is known to be a philanthropist, helping many charities, including the American Cancer Society. He has given the charity a $100,000 gift, and he has also donated money to other charities. He has also helped a number of nonprofits raise millions of dollars. In the last year alone, Pieloch has helped charities such as the Capital Humane Society of Lincoln, Nebraska, which saves more than 6,000 animals each year. He has also helped Auburn University’s School of Veterinary Medicine expand its veterinary school.

Pieloch’s home is located in Marathon, Florida, which is situated near the open waters of the Florida Keys. This home is listed for $19.5 million, and is located on the top of a hill that overlooks 340 degree panoramic views of the ocean. It is a great place to spend a vacation, and offers excellent outdoor recreational opportunities. The house is also one of the highest homes in the Florida Keys.

Pieloch is a self-made entrepreneur who has helped thousands of animals. He has developed a number of pet pharmaceutical products, including a patented arthritis treatment for companion animals. He is also a registered pharmacist in Massachusetts, Michigan, and Kansas. Pieloch has also been a major supporter of the Capital Humane Society of Lincoln, Nebraska, and has donated $1.5 million to the organization. Pieloch also has helped the Capital Humane Society of Lincoln, Nebraska build a no-kill shelter, which saved thousands of animals from euthanasia.

He has also donated a number of muscle cars, including a 1994 Camaro Z28 that he bought for a member of the active duty military. He also donated a 1986 Chevy Corvette to benefit Ukraine. Pieloch has also donated a number of rare items for raffles and other charity functions. The American Muscle Car Museum is not open to the public, but it has hosted many charity events for local charities.

Pieloch’s collection of muscle and antique cars includes several first place National Show cars. He owns a number of race cars, including a 1966 Yenko Corvair race car and a 1969 Dodge Charger. He has also owned a number of Indianapolis 500 pace cars. He has also collected a number of vintage soda coolers, as well as balloon tire bikes.