Maria Consiglio Quotes

maria consiglio quotes

Maria Consiglio is a well-known author who writes inspirational quotes. Her work is popular both in the USA and abroad. She has published over 200 books and is a frequent guest on talk shows. She has authored books on love, relationships, and more. Her books are a wonderful source of motivation for anyone who is struggling with life.

narcissists prefer to lie than admit fault

Narcissists don’t want to admit fault, because it makes them appear weak. Instead, they lie to direct the narrative and to feel in control of the situation. While most people would view lying as a form of insanity, narcissists see it as a means of taking control of the situation.

Narcissists are often emotionally abusive. They belittle their partners and withhold affection, constantly compare themselves to others, and refuse to admit fault. Narcissists will even threaten to leave or hurt their partners. They are also more likely to be emotionally abusive and will make excuses for their behavior.

narcissists groom the victim to accept that their needs are not important

Narcissists are master manipulators who are able to break their victims down and make them feel unimportant. They will also use a variety of tactics, including belittling them, denying them affection, and gaslighting them. They will also threaten to leave and hurt them, and they will blame everything on other people.

Narcissists will try to isolate their victims and rob them of their resources and opportunities, including childcare, education, finances, and basic necessities. They will also attempt to create a culture that devalues their victims. They will then surround themselves with people who will support their behavior and keep them isolated.

Narcissists will try to frighten the victim into accepting that their needs do not matter. The victim will feel small and unloved, hopeless and useless. They will also be afraid of the world, feel isolated and worthless, and may experience anxiety and memory tricks.

narcissists groom the victim to cater to their needs not their own

Narcissists make their victims dependent on them, preventing them from pursuing their own interests and goals. They also restrict their victims’ access to education, childcare, and basic amenities. They foster an environment in which the victim is devalued and isolated, and they create a support network of enablers to back them up. These enablers fall for the narc’s ‘fake persona’ and thereby support the victim’s isolation.

Narcissists have an intensely overdeveloped ego. They think they’re better than others, and they respond with genuine surprise when they’re challenged about this belief. This false sense of self makes them appear superior to others.

Narcissists are expert manipulators. They break down their victims and rob them of their identity. They make them feel lost and confused, and they groom them to accept the abuse.