Make Money With Every Step: The Best Move-to-Earn Apps

Everybody here needs to walk a bit more. It’s not simply for health reasons; in fact, maintaining a healthy lifestyle may be essential for the survival of the planet. Inactivity can cause chronic diseases and weaken the immune system. Exercising regularly is one way to stay healthy.

Here comes the walking apps, which can be downloaded to your smartphone and used while you’re out walking. It provides a variety of motivation techniques and money-making possibilities.

Earning is merely the icing on the cake. So let’s get started with the top walking rewards apps.

Stepn (GMT and GST)

With more than 800,000 daily users, Stepn is one of the most popular apps that pays individuals to run, jog, and walk. On the solana blockchain, STEPN is a self-described “Web3 lifestyle app” with GameFi components. 

Users of Stepn receive prizes for finishing workouts in their NFT sneakers. In real life, the user can acquire GST tokens by cycling, jogging, and walking. The GST (Green Satoshi Tokens) can be earned more the more actions are completed.

Genopets (GENE)

Genopets combines the Move-to-Earn model with the Play-to-Earn model by incorporating RPG features such as caring for and feeding a virtual pet, rewarding users for exercising, playing games and caring for their NFT “pets.”

Genopets employs a dual token model. The GENE token serves as the platform’s governance token, while the KI token is an in-game currency utilized for purchases and reward distribution. Users can create and trade NFTs for free due to Genopets’ free-to-play business model.

Step App (FITFI and KCAL)

Step App and its native FITFI tokens have made a major impact on the FitnessFi market. The Step App is the first step toward creating a gamified metaverse where users may exercise, socialize, and profit thanks to its exclusive Step Protocol software development kit (SDK).

The dual token system used by Step App, in which KCAL tokens act as in-game tokens while FITFI tokens act as governance tokens, is beneficial. The main use of FITFI is buybacks, discounts and staking supported by ecosystem fees.

Sweatcoin (SWEAT)

The Sweatcoin app rewards its users for exercising. For every 1,000 steps the user takes, he or she receives one SWEAT. Gift cards, electronics, and fitness equipment can be purchased with SWEAT in the marketplace. Players can also use SWEAT to make charitable contributions.

Although the site lacks an NFT capability, players can double their token earnings by subscribing. Non-subscribers are only permitted to earn 10 Sweatcoins every day in this game. SWEAT USDT can now be purchased, sold, and traded on cryptocurrency exchanges like KuCoin.

Calo Run (CALO)

The Binance network serves as the foundation for Calo. The application tracks the player’s movements using a GPS tracker and a motion sensor. To participate in the game, the player must buy Calo’s NFT sneakers. There are two game modes: solo and challenge.

Players in the single-player mode of the game can only accumulate so much stamina. Five minutes of activity equals one stamina unit. Players must register 24 hours prior to the start of each challenge in the challenge mode. Calo has two tokens, FIT and CALO.

Defit (DEFIT)

Digital Fitness, a cross-chain cryptocurrency game developed by the Digital Fitness team, runs on the Polygon (MATIC) and Ethereum blockchains. The DEFIT coin being developed by the Digital Fitness team will power a complete digital fitness marketplace accessible via Apple Store and Google Play.

With the DEFIT app, you can take advantage of a cost-effective substitute for a gym membership as well as a fun and adaptable alternative to fiat currencies that provide the flexibility you’ve grown accustomed to with digital payments.

Dotmoovs (MOOV)

Players can complete workouts and receive MOOV tokens from Dotmoovs’ augmented reality (AR) feature after they have finished them. A player’s achievements are tracked by moov points. Playing freestyle football and dancing are currently options for players. Purchases of avatars and enhancements can be made with the points amassed. 

A player can enter competitions and leaderboards and potentially win prizes if they have a certain number of points.With this sports app, you may compete in a variety of metaverse events using the camera on your smartphone without ever leaving your house.

Dose (DOSE)

DOSE, a fitness ecosystem that uses games to motivate users, rewards them with DOSE tokens for completing workouts on the system. One of the best M2E cryptocurrency apps is a blockchain-based game that features a variety of movements. These include jogs, sprints, dashes, and other movements required to advance the game’s plot.

You can play the game for free to begin with, and when you participate, you’ll receive rewards like DOSE and NFTs, which will motivate you to advance.

Closing Words

The M2E innovation is just one of many chances provided by Web3 to enhance one’s lifestyle. One who uses these M2E Dapps can become fit and have a healthy lifestyle. The user can instead walk, run, jog, or even cycle while earning cryptocurrency or money, as opposed to having to sit down and play video games for hours on end like in “play to earn gaming.”

These may serve as a powerful incentive for people to start exercising and receive cryptocurrency incentives. Just as with investing in cryptocurrencies or other forms of digital currency, keep in mind that you should conduct your own research before playing any of the aforementioned games.

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