Magnamole 2018 Net Worth Revealed

Sharon Wright has a high net worth. The founder of Magnamole, a new product that threads cables safely between cavity walls, worked 18 to 20 hours a day to build the product. She has not been able to reveal the size of her net worth yet, but it’s a high figure that should grow over time. Read on to discover the true figure of her net worth. To start with, let’s learn more about her background. She dropped out of school when she was sixteen and attended a Youth Training Scheme. Despite this, she has a high level of determination, drive, and sheer tenacity.

After securing funding on Dragons’ Den, Wright took her business to the next level and was a successful investor. Eventually, she went on the popular television business show Dragons’ Den to present her business idea to five rich investors. After securing a successful investment, Wright negotiated a larger share of the business. Her efforts were rewarded when Sharon negotiated a reduction of her equity from 25% to 22.5%.