Logitech G Pro X Vs HyperX Cloud 2

For music and gaming, the Logitech G Pro X beats out the HyperX Cloud 2. The G Pro X has the right balance of sound elements, and a mute button to prevent unwanted noise. HyperX’s Cloud 2 gaming headset offers a USB dongle and controls for game volume and chat volume. It also includes a detachable microphone.

When comparing the two gaming headsets, the Logitech Pro X has better audio reproduction, more comfortable design, and better controls than the HyperX Cloud II Wireless. Its microphone is also more impressive. Its features will please gamers and audiophiles alike, and it is a better choice overall.

The G Pro X features a matte black plastic headband and a chrome-finished aluminum earcup. Its ear cups show the Logitech G logo. The earcups are connected to the band by a Y-shaped piece of matte black steel. These headphones cannot be rotated. The earphones and headband are connected by coiled cables under the band’s padding. Both headsets offer a cord length of 6.5 feet.

The Logitech G Pro X offers a 3.5mm cable to fit most devices. It comes with an app for microphone and headphone controls and a five-band equalizer. The app includes presets and lets you create your own sound profile. The headphones feature microphone controls and microphone presets, including a high-pass filter and a microphone mute switch. In addition, the G Pro X has an expander and limiter that can boost the sound quality.