Line Cutterz Net Worth 2022

Invented by Vance Zahorski, Line Cutterz is a fishing line cutting ring. The device cuts through a standard fishing line with ease, making it a safe and efficient way to cut fishing line. It can also cut through braided and mono-filament fishing lines. There are a number of variations of this ring. One version is designed to be worn as a ring, while others mount it on a fishing rod handle or seat post. The ring is also useful for tying fishing knots.

The Line Cutterz ring can be purchased for $12. The blade is made of ABS plastic with a stainless steel rivet. It’s also got an adjustable Velcro strap. The ring is also a double-sided cutting tool. This is a fairly good price for a gadget that’s made to cut fishing line. The company has also designed a couple of other fishing accessories.

The ring has the potential to become a major product for the company. It’s already being sold to consumers across the globe. The company has also started to make moves to expand its retail locations. It has also branched out into other fishing related products, such as lures and apparel. Several fishermen love Line Cutterz, and it has already helped propel the company’s growth. The company’s most recent product, the Flat Mount Line Cutter, is a ring designed to adhere to a flat surface such as a stand-up paddle board or boat rail.

Another product that the company offers is the Bikini Bowfishing calendar. Featuring the likes of Bikini Bowfishing superstar Jaclynn Crooks, it’s a good way to get the word out about the company. The ring has a double-sided blade, which is also made of ABS plastic. Its other features include an adjustable Velcro strap, as well as a patented design that can cut a standard fishing line.

Vance has made his own website and has even designed some of the websites for his own companies. He has also hired people to help run his company. It isn’t a huge company, but it is young. It would be wise for Vance to seek out investors to help his business grow. In fact, Daymond John offered Vance $120,000 for 33% equity in the company. Obviously, Vance was willing to take the offer. But what does he plan to do with the money?

The company has expanded its product line, but it still seems like there’s only a small fraction of its inventory. A majority of its products are geared toward anglers, with the occasional product aimed at other groups. The company offers a range of apparel merchandise, as well as lures, hooks, and custom printing options. A few of its products are also for crafting and scuba diving.

In fact, it’s hard to tell what the Line Cutterz ring is actually about. There’s no doubt that Vance is wearing himself out. His net worth is estimated to be around two million dollars as of 2022.