Liftid Net Worth – How Much is RPW Technology LLC Worth?

RPW Technology, LLC, founded by Ken and Allyson Davidov, is the company behind Liftid, a high-tech brain booster. It’s an electronic brain stimulation device designed to improve your attention, memory, focus, and decision-making. It works by using tDCS, a technology that applies flame-level electricity to the brain to activate neurons. It’s a safe and effective alternative to pharmacological stimulants. It can fully activate your brain within 20 minutes of use. It also happens to be inexpensive. As of late June, RPW Technology LLC had sold a number of its products.

The LIFTiD has garnered a cult following among tech enthusiasts, as well as those interested in reviving their mental faculties. The company’s founders, Ken and Allyson Davidov, have a net worth of one billion USD. This is a huge number for two individuals, especially in the import business, where profits are earned one order at a time. They’ve been in business for over thirty years and are currently national salesmen for Hasbro, the toymaker. They’ve also been featured on Shark Tank, a show that’s not exactly known for its fair shakes.

The company’s products have a proven track record, and are backed by one of the top neuroscientists in the country. LIFTiD’s brain booster is not only a clever device, it’s also reasonably priced. In July of 2021, the company had a sales tally of $6 million. In May of 2022, the company was a whopping $6 million in the black.

The company’s flagship product, Liftid, is a brain booster that uses tDCS, an advanced neuro-stimulating technology. The device, which can be purchased in the form of headphones or a headband, is supposed to boost your brain power to the tune of about 5 minutes of stimulation per day. There are no reported side effects. This is the most convenient, safe, and affordable brain booster on the market.

The company’s products have been well received, and it’s no surprise that Shark Tank was one of the first media outlets to put the company on their radars. After the show, the company announced an impressive number of sales. It sold more than 1,240 pieces by October of 2020, and is expected to sell many more by the time Shark Tank ends its run in early 2022.

The most interesting part of the company’s success is that the company does not rely on investors to pay the bills. Its products are sold through its own website and Amazon. The company’s website boasts an impressive amount of content, including an FAQ page, a blog, a forum, and a social media section. In addition to its own goods, the company sells a number of other items, including apparel, jewelry, and home furnishings. The company has a laudable mission to expand their reach around the globe.