LESCO CarbonPro G Reviews

CarbonPro is a revolutionary bio-charged plant-optimizing nutrient that is available in both granular and liquid forms. Both forms improve the availability of nutrients and water to plants. The granular formula can be applied with a standard LESCO spreader, while the liquid form has the added advantage of penetrating the soil. This makes it easy to apply, and the chelated iron is easily absorbed by plants.

CarbonPro-G works by enhancing the soil’s pH, salinity, and CEC. This boosts soil growth and makes your lawn greener and healthier. In addition, it improves the soil’s nutrient content and improves plant nutrition. In addition to boosting plant growth, CarbonPro-G improves soil health and nutrient levels 50 times more effective than humic acid.

LESCO CarbonPro-G is a groundbreaking nutrient-optimizing system. It uses the power of carbon, plant-microbe interactions, and organic soil processes to increase nutrient levels. This nutrient-rich supplement is 50 times more effective than humic acid, and it helps improve seed establishment, root mass, and salt tolerance. LESCO CarbonPro-G works in all types of soil and can help plant health and yields.