LEGO The Hobbit Cheat Codes

There are several ways to cheat in Lego The Hobbit. If you’re having trouble unlocking specific characters or are stuck with Gollum’s schematic, these cheat codes might help you out. These codes don’t interfere with your achievements, so you can use them without any problem. You can also use bonus codes in Lego The Hobbit, so you can earn achievements while using cheat codes. The codes are listed below, and all of them have been confirmed to work on the game systems specified.


When playing LEGO The Hobbit, there are some cheat codes that you can use to unlock characters in free play mode. To activate these codes, first pause the game. Then, go to Extras > Select Cheat Codes. You will then see a flash of “Unlocked” and the name of the cheat. Once you enter this code, you will see your chosen character appear in the character grid.

You can unlock Thror in the prologue of the game, where you go through the destruction of Erebor by Smaug. Use the cheat code SYKSXF to unlock him. Once inside his lair, head to the final level, which is just past the minecart section.

The game also has more than 90 playable characters. You can unlock more of them by completing the 16 story missions. You can also purchase additional characters in the game. In LEGO The Hobbit, you can get Thror and several other characters, allowing you to play as Thror or Bilbo Baggins.

The first two missions require you to dig a hole through a rock, collect resources, and smash boxes. You can also get bonuses by obtaining some rare items and unlocking the other characters. These items are important for the game, including a certain trophy. The Master Burglar trophy requires you to collect 130,000 studs to unlock the Master Burglar and Azog The Defiler.

Barliman Butterbur

The LEGO The Hobbit game has a playable character named Barliman Butterbur. He’s the owner of the Prancing Pony, an inn in Bree. Although the character doesn’t have any special abilities, Barliman is fun to play and pays homage to a classic character from the Lord of the Rings.

If you’re stuck in the middle of a level and want to unlock a specific character, Lego The Hobbit cheat codes can help you out. The cheats for this game are available for PS4, PS Vita, and Xbox One. You can enter these codes at the Main Menu by selecting Extras Options and then “Enter Code.” However, you must activate them each time you play the game.

Thror’s schematic

The Thror’s schematic in Lego The Hobbit is a key item that players can find to increase their stud multiplier. You can find this item on the cliffs of the Over Hill and Under Hill levels, where you can swing across the cliff to the Schematic location.

The schematic reveals the secret of Thror’s power. To unlock it, you must complete all the story missions. Then, you can purchase it in the game. However, if you can’t find the schematic, there are cheat codes that can help you get it.

Gollum’s schematic

The first step in unlocking Gollum’s schematic is to complete a side quest. This quest requires you to find three hidden keys. You can use these keys to find the schematic in a cave. Once you have found it, you can equip it in the Extras menu.

Mithril Candle Staff schematic

Located south of Dol Guldur, the Mithril Candle Staff can be found in a locked altar. To access it, you must find three hidden keys. In addition, you can also find the schematic for this item by breaking open a wall.

In addition, you can find a schematic for a Mithril Treasure Item by combining the correct schematic with it. In Middle-earth, schematics are represented by a white envelope with a red seal. The Blacksmith Design Schematic is the schematic needed for forging the Mithril Candle Staff. You must complete a quest to get this schematic.

Once you have a Mithril item, you can make it with the schematic for a Mithril item. You can find the schematic in the Over Hill and Under Hill levels. Swing across to the schematic location if you’re an elf.

Once you’ve found the Mithril Candle Staff schematic, you can build the Mithril Candle Staff in LEGO The Hobbit. Once you’ve completed the first four levels, you can use it to upgrade your staff and find a few more. There are 32 Mithril weapon and item schematics in LEGO The Hobbit. There are 16 different designs for these items. Some of these items are only available in Free Play.