LEGO Star Wars The Force Awakens Carbonite Brick 6

To unlock Carbonite brick 6, you must go to the Tusken Raider settlement. Look for the handholds, which are camouflaged into the wall. Then, go to the left of the little bridge, go up the wall on your left, and continue along the walkway. If you’re a darth Vader fan, you can bypass the lightsaber cut.

The carbonite brick is located on the right side of the outpost, in a makeshift house. When you’ve found it, make sure you have a heavy gunner character. Then, use your staff to lift it to the top of the structure. A carbonite brick will be exposed when you reach the top of the structure.

Collecting these carbonites will unlock new heroes and characters. However, they’re not easy to find. You must be very careful, as some of them are hidden in secluded areas. It’s important to read the instructions carefully and make sure you’re able to find these carbonite bricks. There are many different ways to find them, and some of them may require a special skill to find.

A second way to get the carbonite bricks is to break the ship and then use it to find another one. You can also open the ship by using the same techniques. The key is to use two characters with grapple and a Force ability to do it. Using both of these methods is a good way to find the carbonite brick and earn extra coins.

Another way to get a Carbonite brick is to get to the hangar, which is opposite the mess hall. In this room, you need to use a lightsaber to open the door, but you can also use ropes and a hook to reach the carbonite brick.

The third way to get a Carbonite brick is to use a grappling hook. This will let you grab two items from a locker at the other end of the hangar. Then, you need to shoot the target three times before the Carbonite Brick drops. The best time to shoot is just as the target is about to pause.

You need to collect at least 250 Gold and Red Bricks to complete the game 100%. Once you’ve collected these, you can move on to unlocking other vehicles and characters. You can also unlock bonus levels by collecting the Carbonite.

Once you’ve gathered enough carbonite bricks, you can move onto the next level. This is where you’ll find BB-8. Once you’ve placed it on the platform, you can use it to power it. After you’ve done that, the droid will reward you with a carbonite brick.