Laura Bozzo Net Worth – Peruvian TV Show Host

Among the many famous TV show hosts in the world, Laura Bozzo stands out. She is a Peruvian talk show host and journalist. She has been involved in the entertainment industry for more than three decades. She also teaches classes in Spanish, law, and politics. Her shows are often compared to the Jerry Springer Show, which is one of the most popular TV shows of all time. She is also one of the richest TV show hosts. Her estimated net worth is $1 million. Despite being rich, she keeps her personal life private.

Laura Bozzo was born in Callao, Peru, on August 19, 1951. She has two children with her husband, Mario de la Fuente. She earned a law degree from the Federico Villarreal National University and a master’s degree in political science from the Central University of Venezuela. She has also taught classes in both subjects. She has also worked as an officer in the Instituto Naccultura and Family Solidarity charity organization. She has also worked as a conductor in the reality show “Intimidades.” Her show is broadcast on Univision television network. She also has a social media account and has been known to post sultry magazine covers. She also posts occasional updates on her career.

Laura Bozzo started her career in the entertainment industry in 1994. She first appeared on a feminist show called “Las mujeres tienen la palabra.” She was later assigned a role on Panamericana Television’s reality show “Intimidades.” She later joined the television channel RBC owned by Ricardo Belmont Cassinelli, where she hosted a talk show called Laura en accion. This show was broadcasted on RBC until 2007. After 12 months, she moved to the Televisa company. Her first show there was Cosas de la vida, which ended in 2009. She later became a host of “Laura en America” in 2006. This show also ended in 2006. She has hosted numerous other shows that have been shown in many countries.

Laura Bozzo is an American and Peruvian lady who was born on August 19, 1951. She was born to a Guyanese-born mother and a Peruvian father. Her father, Miguel Bozzo Chirichignio, was an engineer. She has a Quechua and Italian descent. Her father, who was an engineer, organized competitions to promote the conservation of Peru. She also studied law in Lima and Caracas. She is also the daughter of Victoria Luisa Rotondo Mendoza.

Laura Bozzo has appeared in many TV shows and films. Her show, Laura en America, is considered one of the most popular Spanish-language talk shows. She also appeared on the Spanish-language reality show “Donde estás corazon?”, which was broadcasted on Antena 3 in Spain. Laura also starred in three films. She is also a talented artist. She owns a property in Miami worth 1.5 million dollars. She also owns properties in Acapulco, which are valued at 11 million dollars.

Laura Bozzo has a large fan following and receives a salary of 200,000 pesos per month. She has a Facebook account, and her posts are usually short. She also posts about the progress she is making in the studio, tour dates, and sultry video clips. She has 665,000 followers on Instagram.