LankyBox Net Worth – Adam McArthur

Founded by Adam McArthur and Justin Kroma, LankyBox is a YouTube channel that specializes in zero-budget parodies. It has over 17 million subscribers and is one of the most popular YouTube channels. The channel is a mix of video games, Roblox videos, and music videos. In the past, the duo has also created animated series about their childhood.

Adam McArthur was born on February 28, 1995. He is an American actor and martial artist who also publishes pop-culture parodies on his YouTube channel. His videos often feature Roblox, pranks, and parodies of popular songs. He lives in Los Angeles, California. He also has an extremely long neck. He is also a big fan of salad. His favorite meal is a salad.

He also enjoys drinking milk. His favorite video is K-POP WITH ZERO BUDGET! He has an estimated net worth of between $500k and $600k. He uploads videos three to four times a week. He also has an Instagram account.

He has been a social media star for a long time. He has had four siblings. His favorite food is salad, but he also likes to eat pizza. He does not have a girlfriend. He has dated other people in the past. He prefers to keep his personal life private.

He is a YouTube star, but his channel has also had a number of hits on other social media platforms. His channel has more than 4 million subscribers and he has earned over $10 million since he began. He is also the top earner among the top YouTubers. His net worth is estimated to be about $40 million. This figure will rise as his channel continues to grow.

His channel is also popular for its “Guess the Price” show, which sees LankyBox players guess the price of a product. The winner then gets to play a mystery game. The winning player is selected by fans. Currently, there are over two dozen episodes of the show. It has been a huge hit, and the channel has over six billion views. It is also known for its zero-budget parodies, which are videos that cost only the cost of a prop.

LankyBox is one of the top-earning YouTubers, earning more than $40 million each year. This figure may be higher because LankyBox makes extra money through merchandising, sponsored ads, and other types of income. They have also recently started making Zero-Budget movies. They also have their own production company.

Currently, LankyBox has over forty thousand videos on their YouTube channel. The net worth of the channel is estimated at between $14.1 million and $39.1 million. LankyBox has more than two million subscribers, which means that they have the potential to earn more. Currently, they earn around $410.3 thousand to $1.1 million per month. Eventually, their channel could earn up to $35 million per year.

In addition to his YouTube channel, Adam also has an Instagram account. He has over two million followers on Instagram.