KWT Vs S&B Particle Separator

When you want a particle separator for your vehicle, you should be aware of the different options available. For example, the KWT particle separator uses patent cyclonic technology that doesn’t require any electrical power. In addition, this model can be easily installed on your vehicle’s existing roll cage in about 20 minutes.

The KWT particle separator was created by an aerodynamicist, Ken Larson. It uses internal cyclonic tubes to separate dust from clean air. The dust is then collected in the bottom dirt collection tray, while the clean air is delivered to the stock filter box.

The KWT Separator is more effective than its competition, removing up to 98% of particulates before they even enter the air flow. This is important because stock filters degrade over time, allowing contaminated air to reach the engine. Over time, this can cause internal engine components to suffer.

The S&B Particle Separator also increases the life of an air filter. It will prevent over 94% of dust from entering the airflow and will last for 15 times longer than a regular air filter. Because of its longevity, this air filter will last for years, which means that you can save money by buying fewer filters.