Kronos Golf Net Worth – How Much is Kronos Golf Worth?

Founded in 2010, Kronos Golf is an independent maker of premium putters. The company’s goal is to expand its market and improve the quality of putter manufacturing. It manufactures putters for left-handed and right-handed golfers, and its products are sold to golfers and golf equipment manufacturers worldwide. It has an official Facebook page, a 4.7-star rating on Google, and a Twitter account. Kronos’s products are distributed in Japan and are also sold on Amazon Japan.

Kronos golf putters are sold at retailers such as Nike and Adidas. In addition, Kronos has a partnership with Callaway and sells its putters at their own store. Kronos golf is known for its balanced design and computer numeric control technology. The company’s putters are sold in several stores across the US and Europe. Its product portfolio includes a left-handed putter, a right-handed putter, and a magnetic golf ball.

The founders of Kronos Golf, Philip Lapuz and Eric Williams, appeared on the TV show Shark Tank in 2014. They pitched their company for $150 000 for a 15 percent equity stake. After hearing their pitch, Robert Herjavec offered $150,000 for a thirty percent stake. Kronos Golf went through a deal soon after the show.

Kronos Golf started selling putters in Japan, where it has a good reputation. The company is now concentrating on expanding its market to the US. It has also entered into an official partnership with five PGA Tour stars. One of Kronos’s putters, the Hinotori, was on display at the British Golf Museum in St. Andrews, Scotland. This putter has received positive reviews from PGA pro Robert Rothblatt. Other golf equipment manufacturers that have also purchased Kronos’s putters include Nike, Adidas, and Sentio Golf.

Philip Lapuz and Eric Williams had been working in different golf enterprises for a number of years when they started Kronos Golf. They worked as an instructor, a designer, and a software developer. Their passion for making the best putters in the world led them to create a company that produces high-quality putters. Kronos golf putters are crafted using a solid block of steel. The putter requires delicate handwork and a calculated approach to selecting raw materials.

Kronos Golf was first featured on Shark Tank season six episode two. The company made $260,000 in sales before the appearance. They were able to make the sale on Shark Tank because they were able to get the support of Shark Robert Herjavec. They were also able to gain support from the parents of Lapuz’s fiancee. This made it emotionally compelling for the sharks to invest in the business. Philip and Eric also emphasized the precision of their products.

The product is a high-end luxury that is only affordable for the rich. It has clean lines and a clean sound. It has a Pure Balance COG certification that ensures that the clubs are aligned with the center of gravity. The product has been received well in Japan, where it is available for sale in many stores. Kronos putters are also sold on Amazon Japan and in the US.