KitosCell Gel

KITOSCELL(r) Gel is a high-tech product that can help with the removal of abnormal cicatrices and other dermal imperfecciones. This gel contains a patented formula that reduces inflammation and fibrosis, and eliminates manchas, estrias, and arrugas. It is recommended for use twice daily, for a minimum of six months.

This gel contains macrogolglicerol hidroxiestearato, diketosterone, and carbomero. It should be applied twice a day to affected areas, beginning at the edges. In most cases, the treatment is effective within two to three days, and should be continued for at least six months or until the cacti dissapears. In addition to treating heridas, KitosCell is also useful in reducing cicatriz after a cesarean section.

The treatment of tumors with KitosCell Gel PFD is effective in treating all types of cicatrices, including those with irregular or abultad dermis. It can be applied to the affected area to reduce the size, pain, and swelling. The treatment has been proven effective on animals, including rats and mice. However, KitosCell Gel PFD has the potential to cause transient or severe allergic reactions.

KitosCell Gel PFD has shown different mechanism of action from Triamcinolona. It reduces the occurrence of cicatrices in quemados without any side effects. The gel acts by modulating pro-inflammatory cells. Thus, KitosCell Gel PFD is an excellent choice for treatment of cicatrices caused by quemaduras. It also has the potential to reduce the size of skin lesions and improve their appearance.

KitosCell Gel PFD (platelet-derived growth factor) is designed to act on any type of skin. It does not affect clothing, but it may cause a slight color change on sensitive skin. It is ideal to use KitosCell Gel PFD twice a day in conjunction with a sunscreen. It is recommended to apply this gel twice a day for six months. If you are considering this treatment for cicatrices, it is important to consider the side effects and potential risks of using it.

If you are planning a surgical procedure, KitosCell Q is recommended to quit cicatrices within the first 15 days after surgery. You should contact your doctor to schedule a consultation. You can do this through Doctoralia by clicking on Concertar visita. For maximum results, use the product for at least six months or one year. However, if your surgery is not permanent, the results can last for up to a year.