Kirby Smart Shares Inspirational Quotes

kirby smart inspirational quotes

Kirby Smart has a great career ahead of him and most people expect him to continue dominating the sport for years to come. He has an incredible passion for the game and offers lots of inspiration and insight in his inspirational quotes. These quotes will inspire you to get the best out of your next workout, play a new sport, or just enjoy life.

Kirby Smart’s work-life balance

After winning the national championship with the University of Georgia in January, Kirby Smart has been on top of the world of college football and has his eyes on winning back-to-back championships with the Bulldogs. But when asked recently about his work-life balance, he was candid and admitted that he was getting tired of being on the sidelines. A questioner from the THSCA Coaching School asked about Smart’s schedule and how he could maintain a work-life balance.

The college football coaching world is an unrelenting grind, and even successful coaches struggle to balance the demands of the job with other aspects of their life. During a recent appearance at Texas High School Coaches Association Convention, Kirby Smart discussed the demands of today’s coaches and the transfer portal. After being asked about his work-life balance, he said that it was difficult to find a healthy balance and that hosting prospective players every day up until June 2021 had taken its toll on him.

His relationship with Mary Elizabeth Lycett

Kirby Smart and Mary Elizabeth Lycett have been married for fifteen years. They met at the University of Georgia and were married on July 15, 2006. They have two children and have maintained a healthy balance between their professional and personal lives. The couple are happy and have no plans to split.

Mary Beth Smart is five and a half years younger than Kirby Smart. She was working at the athletic association’s business office when Kirby Smart returned to Athens. The two began dating and later married in 2006. Mary Beth is a dedicated tennis player and ran the Chicago Marathon in 2014. They have three children together, including two boys.

His respect for Nick Saban

The national championship game will feature Alabama’s Nick Saban and Georgia’s Kirby Smart. The Crimson Tide won the Cotton Bowl by a score of 27-6, and Georgia defeated Michigan by a score of 34-11 in the Orange Bowl. While the Alabama victory was impressive, Smart’s team also impressed Saban by showing off five first-round NFL draft picks on defense.

The two coaches have worked together for several years, and Smart’s respect for Saban is evident. The two were assistant coaches at Alabama before Smart took over the Georgia program. However, the former coach has stated that he considers this his best coaching position to date.

His work-life balance as a coach

The national championship-winning coach of Georgia recently spoke to high school football coaches in Texas about work-life balance. He was asked about his thoughts on it while speaking with the THSCA Coaching School. “I was very worn down after the NCAA lifted the recruiting dead period,” said Smart.

At the time, he nearly quit coaching. However, he was able to remain at the college level. The football season had been a tough stretch for him, and he was forced to make tough decisions about the future of the program. Despite the demands of coaching college football, Smart still managed to find time for his family. He even scheduled a day off for his coaches each June.

His motivational quote for SEC Media Days

Head coach Kirby Smart, coming off a national championship with Georgia, was asked about his team’s mindset after winning the title. He also talked about the role of defensive coordinator Stetson Bennett. During SEC Media Days, he shared a motivational quote that Georgia fans can use in their everyday lives. Interestingly enough, Smart also revealed that he enjoys watching the Netflix series “Stranger Things.”

Smart, a sixth-year head coach at Georgia, cited Henry David Thoreau in his motivational quote. The 19th-century American philosopher and poet penned the quote. “When you have a great deal of passion for something, you can make it happen.”