“Kill Yourself XVI-XX EP Series” – $uicideboy Quotes

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If you’ve ever seen the movie, “Suicideboy”, you’ve probably seen many quotes about the character. They’re often sad and dark. But they’re also funny and inspiring. You might be able to relate to some of them, and you might even find yourself thinking about them if you’re in the mood for something dramatic.

Kill Yourself XVI-XX EP series

“Kill Yourself XVI-XX EP Series” is a collection of songs by American hip hop duo $uicideboy. The group formed in 2013 and rose to popularity on the music sharing website SoundCloud. The group is known for their raw and dark lyrics. Their themes often revolve around substance use disorders and suicidal ideation. The group owns and operates G*59 Records.

The Kill Yourself XVI-XX series is a compilation of five three-song EPs that include the alter egos of $lick and Ruby. This collection is designed to hold over for the band’s debut album, due to drop in the fall. The songs on the EP series are based on the experiences of the artists.

Dark Side Of The Clouds

Suicideboy is a hip hop duo from New Orleans. Founded in 2014, the group is known for its dark music and nihilistic lyrics. They have collaborated with a number of artists, including Ghostemane and Pouya. Their music explores the dark side of life and has religious themes.