KidsLuv Net Worth – How Much is Ashi Jelinek Worth?

During a trip to the Shark Tank, Ashi Jelinek pitched her new kids beverage, KidsLuv. The product was created with a mission to give children a healthy dose of vitamins. KidsLuv is a zero-sugar vitamin-packed beverage, made with natural flavors. It is vegan and non-GMO. KidsLuv is also a good hydrator. KidsLuv is available at retailers and at the KidsLuv website.

Ashi Jelinek founded The Luving Company in 2017. She was looking for a healthy, innovative kids product to add to her line of healthy products. She began by researching juice drinks for kids and noticed that most were lacking in nutritional value. She also noticed that most parents were dilution juice for their kids.

Ashi decided to create KidsLuv, a flavored water with vitamins and essential minerals. She also found that most juice drinks are too high in sugar. She wanted to make a healthy, delicious beverage for kids without sugar. She decided to use the plant Stevia to sweeten her product. KidsLuv is currently available in four flavors.

KidsLuv comes in a recyclable Tetra Pak paper container. The flavours are made from water, natural flavors and essential vitamins. KidsLuv is also gluten free, vegan and non-GMO. KidsLuv also satisfies the kosher requirements. KidsLuv has a 5-star rating and over 5,000 Instagram followers. KidsLuv is available in over 1600 CVS stores.

Ashi’s passion for health combined with personal experiences as a mother lead her to create KidsLuv. She conceived of the concept while watching her son play soccer. She also saw a need for healthy, kid-friendly products that could replace the sugar-packed children’s vitamins she was unable to find. She wanted to create a better lifestyle for her family. She also wanted to create a product that would exceed the competition.

Ashi Jelinek has an impressive background in business. She worked in theater for six years before starting her own business. Her first investment came from friends. She earned an undergraduate degree in theater/communications from the California Institute of the Arts. She was a mother of three children before starting her business. During her first year of business, KidsLuv made $55,000 in sales. Her company has since gone global. KidsLuv is headquartered in Marina del Rey, California. KidsLuv is certified as a women-owned business.

KidsLuv has an annual income of $5 million. Ashi’s income comes from product sales, licensing, and regulatory costs. The company has approximately 16 reviews on Amazon and a 5-star rating. KidsLuv has a net worth of $20 million.

During Ashi’s time on the show, she was seeking a deal for $200,000 in 8% equity in her company. However, Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, and Robert Herjavec all declined her offers. The sharks gave Ashi guidance to expand her market research and make her products better than the competition. However, Mark Cuban was not impressed with the sweetness of KidsLuv. He was not sure if kids would like it.

KidsLuv is the first zero-sugar, vitamin-enhanced beverage for kids. KidsLuv is available in stores nationwide. KidsLuv is a vegan, gluten-free, kosher, and calorie-free beverage.