Khari Willis Net Worth – How Much Is Khari Willis Worth?

Whether you are a fan of football or not, you might have heard about Indianapolis Colts safety Khari Willis. The former high school standout and Michigan State University alumnus has been selected in the fourth round of the 2019 NFL draft. He was drafted by the Colts to add more depth to their defense.

Khari Willis started his professional career with the Indianapolis Colts in 2019. His contract includes a basic salary of $2,540,000, plus a signing bonus of $192,009 in 2019. He is slated to earn a minimum salary of $850,000 in 2020, and a max salary of $675,000 in 2021. He also has a dead cap value of $575,328.

Khari Willis is the first in his family to make it to the NFL. His cousin Bill Brooks also played in the league. As a teenager, Khari Willis was a football enthusiast. He played for the Jackson Lumen Christi Catholic High School, where he tallied over 2800 rushing yards in his senior season.

Khari Willis has been a solid starting safety for the Colts. He started at least 11 games in each of his first three seasons with the team, tallied 219 combined tackles, and tallied four interceptions. He also tallied 3.5 sacks and a record-setting 50-yard interception return for a touchdown in a game against the Las Vegas Raiders.

The Indianapolis Colts also hope that rookie Nick Cross will succeed Khari Willis as their starting safety in 2022. The Colts could use a little more depth at safety, and they might be able to fill that vacancy with a player like Cross.

There is much more to Khari Willis than just his career in the NFL. His contributions to the Indianapolis team, and his willingness to share his faith with the world, have earned him a large fan base. His friendships with teammates and coaches have been strong at the highest level. And as a former Michigan State Spartan, Khari Willis’s love of the game is evident.

The National Football League is a senior football league in the United States. Besides the obvious NFL names, such as Michael Vick, Peyton Manning, and Drew Bledsoe, Khari Willis is one of the youngest black players in the league. He has been a member of the famous Player with an age of 25 or less group.

Khari Willis is a big name in a short period of time. His contributions to the NFL are obvious, but his decision to devote his life to ministry is no surprise. He has not revealed his religion or wife’s name, but he has not been shy about his love of the game. He has received a lot of attention from fans and media alike, and his social media accounts prove it.

Khari Willis’s net worth is estimated at $821,776, as of March 2018. His Facebook and Instagram accounts are not completely open to the public. But his official website and press release links provide some insight into his life.