Keyshia Cole Mom Net Worth

If you are interested in learning about the net worth of the singer’s mom, you’ve come to the right place. Frankie has been making headlines since her daughter was born. She recently shared a milestone with her Instagram followers: she had been sober for five years. But what was her actual relationship with her son? Frankie’s daughter Keyshia had a long-term boyfriend who is not yet publicly known.

Despite her high profile, the singer’s mother has been suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. During the unscripted television drama “Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is”, she was exposed to a public crucible of addiction. Her struggle with alcohol and drug addiction had been chronicled in the show, which showed the singer’s sobriety and drug addiction. She was a strong role model for her daughter and had a huge fan following – both for her beauty and her vocation as a mother.

Besides the show, she is also a successful musician. She has released three platinum-selling albums and dozens of top charting singles. She has also appeared on television, appearing in eight episodes of her own show on BET and in sixteen episodes of the hit VH1 reality show “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.” This reportedly earned her $1.5 million. The singer has also starred in several other TV shows, including “Keyshia and Daniel: Family First” and “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.”

The mother of actor Keyshia Cole, Frankie Lons, had a wildly successful career. In 2021, she died of a drug overdose. However, despite her tragic fate, she was a strong and independent woman, who never gave in to public opinion. She was born on 18th July 1960 in Oakland, California. In the year following her death, Frankie celebrated her 61st birthday.

Francine Lons was a famous American actress. She gained fame after appearing on the show ‘Frankie and Neffe. Francine is the biological mother of AMERICAN singer Keyshia Cole. She is a Christian and belongs to a mixed ethnicity. Francine never talked about her early life but did have a little brother who was a Christian. The singer has not disclosed her age, but she is estimated to be worth $800 million.

The eldest son of Keyshia Cole is an actor and singer. She also has a successful career in the entertainment industry, with several notable credits under her belt. She was born on June 10, 1973. Her height is 5 feet and six inches. She is one of the richest women in the entertainment industry. She is worth more than $100K. And she has a great life style. There is a lot of speculation about her net worth and how she inherited it.

The mother of the singer’s children is a successful producer and songwriter. She has worked with legendary record producer Ron Fair on all of her albums, and she is known for being a great mother and a great daughter. Nevertheless, the net worth of her children has not been revealed. It is estimated that she will make an estimated $600 million by 2020. But her daughter is not alone in announcing her net worth.