Kevin Wenstob Net Worth – How Much Is Kevin Wenstob Worth?

Known as the “Big Boss”, Kevin Wenstob is a Vancouver Island resident who owns a sawmill. He has been involved in the logging business since he was a child and has accumulated a fortune worth $5 million. He has been married and has two children. He has also worked in other businesses. Wenstob believes in sustainable forestry practices. His logging empire stretches across acres of mountain land and produces thousands of dollars in wood. He is one of the last family-run sawmills in Vancouver Island. He is proponent of responsible logging, but has been criticized for being unkind and ill-mannered. He has also been accused of being a spoilt child.

In order to maintain his logging empire, Wenstob depends on his right hand man, Coleman Willner. He supervises the team that loads and transports logs. His crew includes a number of experienced loggers. During the show, they deal with a variety of challenges, including inclement weather, broken equipment, and other dangers. However, despite his flaws, he has managed to earn a respectable income. He makes a handsome amount of money from different deals, including his endorsements.

Kevin’s logging empire has produced thousands of dollars in wood every year. He uses timber from Klitsa Mountain in Canada. He has a crew of experienced loggers, including his sons Jack and Erik. In order to keep his business running smoothly, he has to spend thousands of dollars on machinery and equipment. He also has to find a way to pay his crew members, who range in compensation from $56,000 to $84,000.

Wenstob has been featured on a few reality shows, including The Apprentice. His appearances on these shows have generated millions in revenue for him. He has also earned millions from endorsement deals. He has a huge Instagram following, with over 5,000 followers. He also has a presence on Twitter. He has not revealed his age, but he has stated that he is around 60 to 65 years old. He has been married for several years and has two children. He has also not revealed his parents’ names.

Kevin’s wife, Sarah Fleming, is also featured on the show. She has been working with Kevin for a number of years and is also involved in the business. She has also uploaded pictures of her working out and riding a horse. She also helps out in the maintenance of the business.

Kevin Wenstob’s logging empire is a huge business, and one of the last family-run sawmills on Vancouver Island. In the show, he makes a huge profit from his tree business. He is a proponent of responsible logging and has been known to disagree with environmentalists. Despite his popularity, Wenstob has been the target of a number of criticisms from viewers. Many believe that Wenstob is spoilt and savage. Other viewers have also pointed out that he is ill-mannered. He has also received negative reviews from buyers. He has also been accused of not taking his job seriously.