Kenson Hunte Net Worth – How Much Is Kenson Hunte Worth?

Whether you know him as Kenson Akile Hunte or as Rich Show, the national fitness and health leader has been involved in several cases over the past couple years. He is currently serving a 34-month prison sentence for possession of false identification documents and a felony. He has also been arrested for stealing fake records and details. Several of these cases have been featured on the A&E television show, “The First 48.”

In the summer of 2016, Kenson Hunte was spotted driving down State Road 27 in Glynn County, Georgia. When a trooper pulled him over for speeding, he found 44 false identification cards inside the car. He also admitted to recording an illegal audio clip. After a search of his vehicle, a trooper found a fake archive that Hunte had used to buy cellphones. He had also purchased 127 phones from a fraudulent company.

Kenson Hunte is from Canton, Georgia, which is a town of about 40 miles north of Atlanta. He is currently in the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta. He is the subject of an episode of the television show “The First 48.” In addition to his role in the case, Hunte is also suspected of being involved in a shooting on May 13, 2018. He is currently free on a $75,000 bond.

Kenson Hunte has also been involved in two other cases: one involving the theft of cell phones and a second involving the robbery of a Metropolitan Parkway restaurant. In both cases, Hunte was arrested and pled guilty. In the robbery of the restaurant, Hunte stole cash from the business and tried to rob Dooley and Hannon, who were at the restaurant. Hunte has also been suspected of stealing details from a recording studio. In addition to the cases listed above, Hunte is also suspected of being involved with a counterfeit check case. He is also the ringleader of a group of approximately 20 people.

Kenson Hunte has also been implicated in the death of Atlanta rapper Jerome Blake. Blake was shot to death in 2016. Hunte was one of the people arrested in the shooting and has been linked to the homicide. He was also the first person to contact Battle about the shooting. However, Battle remained at the scene and spoke to the responding officers.

Kenson Hunte is also suspected of stealing counterfeit checks in metro Atlanta. These checks were forged and cashed in states including Virginia, Alabama and Texas. He also faces aggravated assault and weapons charges. He also owns real estate worth at least $25 million. He has also been involved in several gang-related crimes, including a conspiracy charge and a financial transaction card fraud.

Kenson Hunte has also been charged with two counts of attempted murder. He is currently awaiting trial in Jasper County, Georgia, in the southern part of the state. He also faces a federal charge of aggravated identity theft. He will spend at least two years in federal prison. He is also facing a possible settlement of up to $250,000.