Kendra G WGCI Net Worth

Having been in the entertainment industry for over a decade, Kendra G has earned a considerable net worth. The 38-year-old radio host and TV personality recently relocated to Los Angeles. This is a move that has been a great opportunity for her to focus on her TV opportunities. In fact, “Source Magazine” recently named Kendra G one of 30 most powerful radio personalities in the country.

She has appeared on numerous networks, such as E!, CNN, BET, and Showbiz Tonight. In fact, Kendra G has interviewed numerous celebrities, such as Kanye West, Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson, and others. She also hosts a series called Bigger Badder Celebrity Feuds. She is also known to have created the “Abstinence is Kool” movement, which challenges girls to give up sex for a year. It has inspired celebrities such as Akon, Common, and Jamie Foxx to create public service announcements supporting the movement.

Kendra G started her career in radio, where she was an Entertainment Reporter for FOX 29’s “GOOD DAY” in Philadelphia. She went on to co-host the Ryan Cameron Morning Show in Atlanta. She has also worked in Chicago, Connecticut, and Philadelphia. She was a Pop Culture Expert for E!, where she hosted a series called Attack of the Celebrity Bikinis. She has also interviewed numerous celebrities, including Will Smith, Justin Timberlake, and others. She also published a book titled “Abstinence is Kool” and is working on a book titled “SEXY & Celibate”.

Kendra G has also appeared in several television shows, including E!’s “The Real Housewives” and BET’s “Sexy Girl.” In addition to her TV roles, she has also been featured as a radio host, interviewing celebrities and conducting interviews with A-List stars. In fact, Kendra G has appeared on a number of radio stations, including WGCI, WJYB, and WRCB. Her salary is estimated to be $21,867 per month. She recently moved to Los Angeles, where she plans to focus on her television opportunities. She is expected to increase her net worth in the near future.

As a radio host, Kendra G has interviewed a variety of celebrities, including Will Smith, Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson, Kanye West, and others. She has also hosted several television shows, such as E!’s “The Real Housewives,” BET’s “Sexy Girl,” and Showbiz Tonight. In addition, Kendra G has hosted numerous events, including the “Abstinence is Kool” campaign, a movement that challenges girls to give up sex for one year. She has also hosted a number of other events, such as the “Bigger Badder Celebrity Feuds.”

Kendra G is one of the most well-known media personalities in the country. She has earned a considerable net worth, and her talents and versatility have allowed her to achieve the success that she has achieved. She recently relocated to Los Angeles, and has also been a popular presence on the Internet, where she has a large following on social media. Several of her posts are viewed by nearly 70,000 people, including her Instagram account.